Cheap Security Cameras are Expensive to Own

How saving money on inexpensive cameras can cost you even more.

A very wise man once said “to everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under the heaven” and the same can be said of today’s CCTV Camera Security products.

The other day I came across an unfortunate individual who may have been familiar with the above phrase but still lacked guidance from a qualified consultant to understand the “purpose” of the inexpensive CCTV cameras he had purchased and installed.

Once installed it became obvious to the individual that those inexpensive cameras were, in a manner of speaking, just not going to get the job done. Specifically they could not handle the massive amount of light that streamed in from the two large plate glass walls of his corner storefront. In that environment at certain key hours of they day the cameras were completely worthless.

The individual realizing his error was now consulting with my partner and on his way to purchasing a camera with a new Wide Dynamic Technology designed specifically to handle his lighting environment.

Missing that one chance to consult with a qualified CCTV specialist can be costly. As the time and money wasted on an uneducated purchase can not be recovered. Inexpensive cameras of course can have their purpose and place in today’s CCTV Camera Security systems. But failure to understand that purpose and place can be costly.

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