Cities requiring Business Security Cameras:

Residential security camera system
Mayor Daley of Chicago is proposing an ordinance that will require businesses to install Digital Video Surveillance Systems if they are open until 4 am or if they are open more than 12 hours a day. Milwaukee is considering requiring cameras at stores that have called police three or more times in a year. Baltimore County, Maryland ordered large malls to put cameras in parking areas after a murder in one garage last year.

Some business owners complain that it is unfair burden on small business, but they are not getting the full picture. DVR Camera Security Systems will save a small business owner in the long run.

• The physical presence of a camera is a deterrence to crime in the first place.
• The Digital Video Recorded Image is a valuable tool to the Police in identifying and apprehending the offenders.
• Employees feel safer when they know the business is monitored.
• Business owners can relax easier when they know their business is monitored 24/7 and they can check on the status of their business remotely over the internet.

Michael Babitch, Dairy Queen Owner in California, praised the system he bought from Camera Security Now, “The money I have saved in employee theft and product shrinkage has more than paid for the system I installed last year”

Whether you are required by government to install Camera Surveillance systems, or you want to reap the benefits Security Cameras, Camera Security Now has the solution to Small Business Surveillance needs.

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