Uniview WDR Security Camera Solutions

Founded in 2005, security camera behemoth Uniview (UNV) has upped its game in recent months by introducing its line of wide dynamic range (WDR) security camera solutions. By allowing cameras to move beyond previous limitations posed by difficult light conditions, these ultra-smart, ultra-high-resolution WDR solutions offer businesses, schools, and other industries the opportunity to better secure their buildings and protect workers, students, visitors, and others. Read on to learn more about Uniview WDR security camera solutions

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What’s so special about WDR?

Does your building have a lot of windows? Do you need to cover outdoor areas that get a lot of sun exposure? If so, the dynamic range within your camera’s field of view may be inhibiting your security camera’s ability to effectively capture usable video. 

Low vs High WDR

Put simply, dynamic range refers to the difference in light level from the darkest area to the brightest area of an image. When the difference between these areas is great, it’s difficult for standard security cameras to capture video that allows you to identify people or objects in those areas. While you can’t paper over windows or stop headlights from hitting your cameras at night, you can opt to use security cameras that are equipped to handle a wide dynamic range. 

Security cameras with WDR technology are equipped to effectively render footage that contains both bright and low light areas within the camera’s field of view. Now you can capture crystal clear images of individuals in the brightly lit glass-enclosed lobby and in the shadows behind the check-in desk – all in one image and without sacrificing clarity of either part of the scene. And those bright headlights from passing cars will no longer blind your parking lot security cameras to the rest of its field of view. 

4K WDR Ultra-HD Vari-focal Bullet Network Camera

4K Bullet IP camera 8MP

In addition to WDR, UNV’s 4K WDR Ultra-HD Vari-focal Bullet Network Camera is equipped with smart detection, motorized zoom lens, and people counting technology that can help ensure the protection of your business. With up to 3840×2160 resolution at 30fps and a 2.8-12mm vari-focal lens, this little bullet camera packs a lot of punch is a durable package. 

Boasting True 120dB Wide Dynamic Range, this bullet camera can capture higher quality images even in the most challenging lighting conditions. Through windows, in brightly lit rooms that also feature shaded areas, or outdoors in bright sun, this camera can deliver crisp images that provide detail of areas in both the brightest and darkest areas, without overall washing out or darkening of the image. Combining WDR with Smart IR technology, the 4K WDR Ultra-HD Vari-Focal Bullet Network Camera allows you to see longer distances in the dark than standard IR cameras and auto-adjusts to the lighting conditions at any given time to provide you an optimal image. 

With H.264 compression, these cameras allow you to greatly reduce the size of your digital files without compromising the quality of your image. H.254 saves you valuable hard drive storage space while also delivering unsurpassed recording picture quality. 

All of UNV’s WDR solutions allow you to create a Virtual Tripwire to boost your security to a new level. You simply decide which areas are off-limits and, when the tripwire is tripped, the system will automatically notify you. You can even set entrance and exit points to notify you if someone tries to sneak back in an exit. Built to be tough, these bullet cameras are IP67 rated and can withstand wide temperature ranges of -40°F to 140°F. 

4K WDR VF Vandal-resistant IR Dome Network Camera


Need to cover a wide area with a single camera? UNV’s 4K WDR VF Vandal-resistant IR Dome Network Camera allows you to customize your field of view from 110° when wide open to 36° when zoomed in. Enabling you to see up to 98 feet in total darkness and rendering difficult lighting situations in clear resolution, these dome cameras are an excellent option for when you need one camera in an area that can do it all. 

The 4K WDR VF Vandal-resistant IR Dome Network Camera features a 120dB Optical Wide Dynamic Range and Smart IR in one vandal-resistant package. With an IK10 vandal-resistant rating, you can rest assured that your security cameras are safe from tampering or damage from bad actors, hail, and other impact damage. 

With up to 3840×2160 resolution at 30fps, you wouldn’t be blamed for thinking that this hardworking dome camera will demand serious storage space. However, with H.265 real-time recording and playback, you can reduce the size of your video files without sacrificing the quality of your images. 

2MP WDR Starlight Fixed Bullet Network Camera

Uniview Bullet IP camera

Looking for a discreet security camera solution that also delivers on performance? Look no further than UNV’s 2MP WDR Starlight Fixed Bullet Network Camera. Equipped with True 120dB WDR and Starlight infrared night vision, the 2.8-12mm manual varifocal lens on this little guy can easily see and capture full-color video in total darkness. 

Don’t let its size fool you though. This bullet camera is built for toughness. With an IP67 rating and IK10 vandal-resistant rating, your 2MP WDR Starlight Fixed Bullet Network Camera can stand up to even the harshest conditions or attacks. 

Is WDR the right security camera solution for me?

Since WDR cameras are designed to mitigate the effects of strong light, they are ideally suited for use in office buildings, retail locations, and banks as these locations often have large glass windows and doors. In areas where lighting conditions can vary greatly at different points in the day or where headlights can interfere with traditional cameras, such as ATMs or parking lots, can also benefit from the installation of WDR cameras. Check out Must-Have Security Camera Features for Banks and ATMs to learn more about securing your bank or ATM.WDR VS NO WDR

Nationwide service 

Our nationwide network of technicians coordinates with our home office in southwest Ohio to provide installation of Uniview cameras for businesses, schools, and municipalities in all 50 states. So whether you’re located in our local service area or need our nationwide service, our commitment and promise to you are to always exceed your expectations for customer service and professionalism. From our 15-minute guaranteed response on quote requests to our quick response time on phone calls and emails, our commitment to service has always been a top priority. When you need a partner you can trust who is also a trusted partner in the community, look no further than Camera Security Now. Our camera service and installation professionals deliver the camera solutions that your company needs, helping you ensure the security of your business, employees, and customers. To find out how easy it is to keep your company secure, request a quote for your Uniview WDR security cameras today.

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