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Safety standards are the most important venue selection criterion, according to EventManagerBlog, noted by 56% of event planners. While some event managers rely on the security system already put in place by the venue they booked, mobile surveillance systems are becoming a popular trend for planners who want to keep an extra eye on their party guests, assets, employees, and facilities.

Security at events is a tough job in any scenario, but when you add high-profile guests, the stress level of ensuring their safety goes through the roof. Physical security guards are the industry standard for security, but when your event features politicians, athletes, movie stars, and other celebrities, you need an additional layer of security. Mobile security systems can be used to support your physical security guards. Your staff can’t be everywhere all the time – that’s where mobile security camera rentals come in. While the rest of your staff are walking about and monitoring entrances and exits, your cameras can be easily monitored by just a few security professionals. Read on to learn more about how security camera rentals can help increase safety standards for the well-being of your guests.

Mobile security cameras

Enhance your physical security

Your mobile security system should support your physical security. While your security guards walk the floors and monitor entrances and exits, your security cameras serve as your eyes in the sky. Your cameras can be used to keep an eye out for suspicious activity, large groups of suspicious people, and to scan the crowd for signs of potential violence, while remote viewing on smartphones and iPads allows designated security staff to respond to issues in real-time.

If your event has a green room or backstage area for your celebrity attendees, security cameras can also help you keep an eye on who is coming and going in these areas. A visual record of who is in these sensitive areas will help your guests feel safer while offering video evidence in case an incident does occur.

More than 7 million property thefts, or larcenies, are reported each year in the United States. Visual security cameras and posted signage are a great way to deter crime and theft of your guests’ belongings or convention items. It’s also important to have the right mobile security system in order to have concrete video evidence of any theft or other crimes that may take place at your event.

Security camera for events of any size

Large gatherings are known to pose a number of problems for private security teams. Whether your team is busy managing foot traffic congestion, watching for theft, or tackling potential threats like fights, security teams can struggle to control their environment if the right security measures aren’t taken. A popular option for enhancing your event safety is a mobile surveillance system. With no need for a direct ethernet connection, these often temporarily-mounted cameras can be placed anywhere there is power. A wireless access point can stream your video feed to a nearby network video recorder which transmits live video footage to any connected device, like a smartphone or tablet.

No matter the size or remoteness of your event, there is a mobile security option to fit your security and safety plans. Our wireless networks are rated for long distances – our wireless devices are rated by the manufacturer for 50Mbps at 3 miles with plenty of bandwidth for smooth transmission of several camera feeds. As long as your location has power, we can meet all of your mobile event security needs.

Custom Mobile Security

Unlike fixed surveillance, mobile or temporary surveillance is portable. While you can view all of your temporary security cameras on a mobile device, in this case “mobile security” refers to the ability to bring the monitoring devices along with you wherever you need them.

These mobile security systems are perfect for conventions, festivals, and large gatherings as they can be installed almost anywhere.

The WASP Box, or Wireless All-in-one Security Package, from, is a custom-built package that typically houses between 1 and 4 security cameras, along with a wireless transmitter and receiver pair. This popular option uses the wireless transmitter to send your video footage to a nearby NVR, which can broadcast footage to any connected smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Custom mobile security solutions

One of the best features of the WASP Box is that it’s completely customizable. Any number or type of security cameras that can be physically mounted on one of our rugged security cases are an option. For example, you can have a pan-tilt-zoom, or PTZ, camera watching a large section, while smaller bullet or dome cameras are focused on smaller details — enhancing your physical security team without the need for hiring additional staff.

On-site support

When you book a mobile security camera rental from, you get more than just a surveillance package. Our trusted, experienced technicians will help you place your security camera rentals in the most efficient locations for your unique venue and event. Our experts work with your security personnel before your event to determine your camera needs and layout. Once onsite, our techs work with your security staff to ensure that setup goes smoothly and that all sensitive areas are covered.

Our techs also help you configure your system and make sure everything is up and running before your event takes place. All of our Wireless All-in-ones are custom-designed and hand-tested by our trusted in-house professionals.

Mobile security cameras for any event

You need to go above and beyond standard security practices to make your guests feel secure in this day and age. Mobile surveillance rentals are a great way to support your physical event security staff. Whatever your event security camera needs, our experts will work with you to review your budget and site plan and discuss the best options to meet your security standards.

Are you looking for advice concerning a mobile or temporary security solution? The WASP Box was designed by Camera Security Now at our Ohio headquarters. These custom boxes were invented to be able to handle any project and are rugged enough to withstand outdoor placement. Constructed by a company with decades of experience in the industry, our WASP Boxes have been tested in a variety of environments from construction sites to community festivals — and everything in between.

Do you need help selecting a WASP Box configuration? Contact us now for a free consultation.  Our dedicated and highly qualified surveillance technicians can help you select the best solution for your unique necessity. These technicians can conduct a site survey in order to steer you towards which solution works best for you and explain why.

Security Consultant Johnny

One of our technicians, led by Johnny Beagle, will assist you every step of the way. We will start by giving you a free site survey, which helps us understand the best possible solution for you. Next, one of our technicians will walk you through what kind of cameras would work best for your WASP Box. Whether you’re a small company or a large corporation, our WASP Boxes can accomplish your mobile security needs.

To contact Johnny and Camera Security Now directly over the phone, call 800-440-1662 or fill out a fast, easy online quote form.

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