Help Your School And It’s Students Become Safer With The Help Of Security Cameras

We’ve all been there. 16 years old. We thought we knew it all. We were still kids though. One thing I remember about being that age, is that I was a lot more scared than I let on. Being a teenager, or a kid in general, is a scary thing in its own right. The whole thing is, is that going to school shouldn’t be. With as many stories that we hear on the news about something terrible happening at, or near a school, it’s normal for a kid to feel unsafe these days. The sad part, is that it shouldn’t. There’s enough going on in our children’s lives today that they shouldn’t have to be scared to go to school. One of the best ways to ensure student safety is through the use of security cameras.

A surveillance system can help prevent a lot more than students loitering in halls and passing notes. Think of all of the dangers that occur in day to day life. The reality of the situation is that some of these dangers have followed students to the schools. Guns, drugs, and more have all shown up in our school systems, and this can cause panic among students. Some events can even cause students to leave schools and cause the school to lose some of its funding.

A security camera system can do a lot more than just monitor though. Why stop there? Why not give parents some peace of mind as well? Don’t just maintain a CCTV with monitoring available in only one screen room. Utilize the DVR features. Allow parents and faculty access to remote viewing as well. All of these features can help make the school a much safer place.

Hall monitors do exist in schools today, but the fact of the matter is, is that you can’t be everywhere at one time. That would be nice but it’s just not in the cards. By placing cameras within the halls, you’ll be able to keep track of the halls as well as the students who may be coming a going. Know where your students are going and coming from at all times. This alone will help maintain a safer environment.

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Think about the outside of the school as well. Most schools have placed camera systems outside, and with good reason. Schools can’t just lock doors as it’s unsafe and fire hazard for everyone. By placing cameras outside, however, you’ll be able to monitor who is coming into your parking lot. Any suspicious looking characters can be seen before they enter the building and security can be notified. If a fight breaks out, or some other dangerous situation arises, you’ll be able to see it without being there and act accordingly.

By utilizing the DVR functions, you’ll be able to record entire school days at a time, and even at night to makes sure that there isn’t any vandalism happening. If a parent has a question about the whereabouts of their child at a certain time of day during that week, you can show them on the recordings. The remote viewing is possibly the best part of the package however. Parents at home or work will be able to monitor the halls, the school yard, their children, and the school itself. As long as the surveillance system is set up for remote viewing and the parents have an internet connection, they’ll be able to see everything that the teachers and other faculty are seeing, and all in real time.

It’s sad to know that schools aren’t as safe as they could be. “Our children are our future” as they say. Far too many tragedies have occurred in our schools. The time to set up a security camera system in your school is now, not later.


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