A Home Surveillance System Can Help You In More Ways Than You Think

Your home is a place of pride and family, right? It’s where you can come home after a long day, look forward to a nice cooked meal, kick your feet up, and relax after a long day’s work. It’s a place where you should feel not only a strong sense of pride, but also a strong sense of safety. Your home is everything. Shelter is one of the essentials of living, so should your shelter be compromised, your livelihood could be compromised as well. There are a few statistics out there that should make any homeowner be aware of just how crazy the world can be. In America, 1 out of every 5 homes will experience a fire or even a burglary. A fire is scary enough. The good thing is that most of the material items can be replaced. Burglaries are bit different. This can leave a lot of mental damage on those affected by it.What would you say the most common way of helping maintain a sense of security is? If you said getting a surveillance system, you don’t realize how right you are. Approximately 9 out of 10 convicted burglars said that they chose to avoid a house that some type of alarm or video surveillance system. This is one of the bigger statistics. Think about what you just read. Nine out of TEN burglars avoided a house when they noticed a surveillance system. That says something. You are essentially tripling the chances of NOT getting your home robbed by someone.With the statistics out of the way, lets look at just how well a security camera system can come in handy. With as many advancements that we have seen in technology, it should only be obvious that video surveillance be roped into that category. The way we record surveillance footage has come quite a long way since the days of recording to tape. Think of DVR. Just like how you use it at home. You can record your favorite shows digitally without the image quality looking lackluster and grainy. It maintains its clarity. It works the same way with surveillance cameras. By using DVR to record security camera footage now, the image quality has drastically risen, and can be recorded for long periods of time without needing to check on it. Say you go out on a vacation and your home is burglarized during your outing. Should you have had a DVR surveillance system recording the entire time, you’ll have the criminals face directly on your screen.

Another great use from most security cameras is the addition of remote viewing and monitoring via an internet connection. By using an internet connection, and should your camera system be hooked up properly, you’ll be able to gain access to a live feed of your entire surveillance system. You’ll be able to switch from camera to camera and see exactly what is going on in your house as it happens. Imagine seeing a burglar coming into your home as you are checking up on your house via the live feed. you can catch them directly in the act, all while recording it by the DVR, and call the cops to apprehend the criminal before he even has the chance to leave.

With all of the advance that have come out with our cameras and camera systems, it almost seems illogical to not get one. More features are continually being added and cameras are only getting smaller and more affordable. If you don’t want to make the long term investment due to uncertainties, renting a system first to see how it “fits” will definitely be the smartest choice.

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