PTZ Security Camera Testimonial

A long time customer and owner of his own CCTV Security Camera Business in San Jose placed an order a few weeks back for a PTZ camera. This particular camera was to replace an existing PTZ that was intentionally destroyed by the workers at a packaging plant. The customer left me a voice mail and I thought it was worth passing on as a PTZ Testimonial: ” Hey Andy it’s Rudy, I just wanted to say thanks for that great PTZ camera. I installed it last week and the picture is amazing. I know you said this was the replacement model for the PTZ cameras we sold them a few years back, I think this new one is a Merit Lilin 7600NL. I think, but anyway I wanted to say thanks for hooking me up with such a nice camera. The image is super clear. The client loved it and they are very happy. So thanks again buddy, have a good day.&quot

So the next time you are looking for a trusted CCTV supplier, remember that good advice and good service are still the cornerstones that allow good products to make your Security Camera System a success.

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  1. PTZ cameras are the most solid on the market, allowing users more flexibility and the ability to monitor multiple locations from the same desk.

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