Don’t Get Hosed: How Security Cameras Can Protect Your Car Wash

Car washes are often seen as easy targets of false damage claims, vandalism, and theft. With few employees on-site, unattended coin dispensers, and some unscrupulous actors looking to earn a quick buck, protecting your car wash with a quality security camera system is essential. Here are just a couple of ways that surveillance cameras can give your car wash an added layer of security that can help keep your business safe and profitable.

Fraudulent claims

If you manage a car wash, it’s inevitable that you’ll receive vehicle damage claims caused by car wash equipment. While some of these claims may be legitimate, a security camera system is your first line of defense in protecting your business from fraudulent damage claims.

Your security cameras can be used to document the condition of all vehicles as they enter the car wash and track vehicles as they move through the tunnel. When a customer makes a damage or injury claim, strategically placed cameras can be used to disprove false accusations. With the high costs of vehicle repair, a security camera system can pay for itself with just one disproved damage claim. Need more reasons to install security cameras at your business?

car wash cameras

Protect your business

Unfortunately, the very nature of car washes – few employees on-site, freestanding payment and change machines, and easy places to hide – make car washes an easy target for vandalism and theft. Visible surveillance cameras let potential bad actors know that you’re serious about the security and safety of your business.

Security cameras can help you catch thieves and vandals in the act, providing the footage that the authorities need to catch and prosecute the perpetrators. In November of 2018, security cameras helped to catch a man and two accomplices who tried to break into three-coin machines at a Stop N’ Go Car Wash in Pennsylvania causing $31,000 damage. Having this footage also allows the owners of car washes to submit an insurance claim with evidence of the cause of the damage, helping owners make necessary repairs faster and easier.

Reassure customers

Unattended car washes can be a magnet for bad actors, especially after dark. From muggings to carjacking, these potential criminals can deter customers from visiting your location in the evening and overnight. If your car wash is a 24/7 operation, combining a security camera system with abundant lighting can help customers feel safer using your location.

Adequate lighting, both in the car wash tunnel and parking areas, allows customers to see what’s happening around them, while also serving as a deterrent to potential criminals who don’t want to be seen. Additionally, ample lighting makes it easier for your security cameras to capture any potential incidents, while also making the cameras more visible to customers and potential criminals.

Camera Security Now at a car wash security camera installation

The right equipment and professionals for the job

High-resolution cameras make it easier to capture license plate numbers, preexisting vehicle damage, and to positively identify perpetrators. If your locations are frequently unmanned, our remote access security systems allow you to quickly and easily access your cameras from your desktop, tablet, or even smartphone.

All of our car wash cameras are rated at least IP66, meaning they are dust-tight and protected from water projected in powerful jets against the camera enclosure from any direction. While we’ve seen systems installed by electricians that did not properly protect connections (sometimes even just wrapping them in a huge ball of electrical tape!), all of our car wash cameras are installed by experienced security camera professionals on water-resistant mounts, protecting the connections from being damaged.

If you’re looking a one-stop-shop for your security camera needs, look no further than the experienced professionals at Camera Security Now. To find out how easy it is to keep your car wash secure, request a quote today.

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