Make the Most of Summer Shutdowns: Security Camera Installation, Upgrades and Maintenance

Workflow disruptions caused by equipment maintenance and installation can have a serious impact on your production. One of the primary reasons for summer shutdowns at plants and manufacturing facilities is to allow for preventative maintenance, installation of new equipment, and completing major projects like security camera installations without having to worry about impacting production.

If your security camera system needs an upgrade or you’re looking to install a new system, there’s no better time than during a summer shutdown. Make the most of your summer shutdown by installing a new or upgraded security camera system.

Making the case

As any plant manager worth their salt will tell you, security cameras are a huge benefit in manufacturing. Not only can security cameras help reduce inventory loss through theft by identifying unscrupulous employees or catching burglars in their tracks, but cameras can also save your company money by providing your procurement team with footage to review equipment utilization and identifying potentially fraudulent workers’ compensation claims.

By scheduling your security camera system upgrades and installation during summer shutdowns, you can minimize the inconvenience to your workforce and avoid potential delays due to some areas not being accessible during production hours. Working with the security camera installation professionals at ensures that your project is completed on time and on budget.

Security system plans

Stop deferring maintenance

Just like all of your other equipment, security cameras require regular maintenance to stay in good working condition. Most maintenance may not be terribly disruptive, but some work may require more intrusive activities. In addition to cleaning lenses and housing, maintenance includes more technical tasks like adjusting the focus of the camera to ensure that images stay in focus, checking cables and connections to ensure that they aren’t worn, frayed, or loose, software and firmware updates, and examining storage issues. We offer a comprehensive scheduled maintenance package that can even notify you when a camera view is obstructed by a growing tree, new signage, or other objects!

Time for an upgrade

If your security cameras are more than a couple of years old, it may be time to start thinking about an upgrade. Luckily, upgrading to a digital security camera system isn’t as expensive as you may think. We can even add new digital IP cameras to your existing analog camera system to make your coverage more robust – allowing you to replace your older cameras over time rather than all at once. Our experts work with you to identify the parts of your system that are still viable and those that may need to be replaced, giving you greater control over your project budget.

Pan Tilt Zoom Security Cameras

Plan ahead

With so many plants and factories electing to close up shop for a week or more during the summer, it’s a busy time for security camera system installation companies and other contractors. As soon as you know when your summer shutdown will occur, you should begin scheduling any outside contractors you’ll be working with to complete maintenance, upgrades, and installations. Don’t risk having to go with a second or even third choice – contact us today to schedule your summer shutdown security camera upgrades or installation. has more than 30 years of plant security camera installation experience and our expert technicians can answer any questions you may have about securing your business. Get a quote for all of your plant security camera needs.

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