Surveillance Camera Placement Is Key In Business Security

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No matter what kind of security camera equipment you use to monitor your business, experts insist WHERE you position your security cameras is what makes the difference.

Randy Lewis with says “Surveillance cameras with wide angle lenses that show entrances and exits from a distance are important to see the big picture and to observe how suspected burglars are entering and exiting your facility.”

Lewis went on to say “You should also have cameras on the inside mounted at eye level that have a tighter field of view to catch a good face shot as someone enters or exits through any doors.”

A camera mounted in a lower position is much better able to recognize facial features than one mounted high up in a ceiling. This will help easily identify people walking in and out of your business.

Seeing a camera might also work as a deterrent, a burglar may be less likely to continue entering after seeing a camera mounted at eye level pointed in their direction.

Businesses considering a new surveillance system, or those considering upgrades to improve their system, are welcome to contact Randy Lewis with at 513-422-3609

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