Using Security Cameras to Increase Your Sales

185931280When most people think about about security cameras, they think that they are only a tool to prevent shoplifting or vandalism. But lots of store owners are getting creative with security cameras and using them to boost their business. A few new tools are letting store owners use their existing security cameras to sharpen their marketing skills by actually tracking where customers linger in their stores the most, how the layout of the store affects traffic flow, and also helps them figure out what their main demographic is. This type of thing can also help you figure out where to place employees and how to best schedule their hours.

This type of idea is far from new, but services like Prism, RetailNext and SceneTap are way more affordable for smaller businesses. These new systems save you money because they are cloud based, so instead of upgrading all of your security equipment, you can use your existing cameras

You can also use these services to view your camera feeds from any remote location. You can still keep track of your business and prevent theft and vandalism just like always, but it’s made a little bit easier.

You may be wondering how your customers will feel about this. How will they react to being recorded and kept track of at all times? Prism, RetailNext and SceneTap all say they their systems do not collect any type of identity specific data, all they do is track shopping patterns. It’s not like they can get anyone’s information just by viewing them, but the system can tell you things like what percentage of your customers are male or female, the average age of the customers, and give you detailed graphs on which areas of your store they were drawn to the most. Your customers will feel good knowing that you are working hard to give them a quality shopping experience and keeping them safe all at the same time.

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