Why buy our CCTV Security Camera DVR Surveillance System?

October 12, 2005

“With all the DVRs on the market, why not just buy the cheapest thing I can find. They are all the same right?- That is the most common question we get around here,” said Bill Schiering of Camera Security Now. All CCTV Digital Video Recorders are Not Created Equally DVRs are actually computers. They contain …

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Bar Surveillance Video

October 10, 2005

The bar is one of businesses most vulnerable areas of theft. Bartender stealing is especially prevalent if you have a successful bar business with a popular bartender. You might not notice daily theft and skimming, such as free drinks to the bartender’s friends and stealing from the cash register. Photo: Transaction recorded on photo and …

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Which camera is right for you?

July 5, 2005

CCTV cameras come in many different styles and prices. Prices start at less than $75 and go up to over $10,000. However, most decent surveillance cameras are in the $100 to $350 price range. Cameras take many shapes and formsThe most common form factors for cctv cameras are dome, bullet, and standard c-mount bodies. Pan-Tilt-Zoom, …

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CCTV DVR – Saving Face for Less!

July 5, 2005

CCTV DVR is the next generation for camera surveillance. The prior technology was tape based surveillance systems. The future technology will be IP based systems, but they are not ready for prime time. CCTV DVR offer the best, most cost effective solution to any video surveillance need. Since up to 16 cameras and be broadcasted …

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