Prison and Jail Cell Camera Surveillance

August 14, 2006

Prison and Jail Cell Camera and Audio Surveillance CCTV DVR Surveillance systems are commonly monitoring all Video and Audio in prison and jail cells. Protect ‘high risk’ prisoners from suicide. Learn what goes on during visitation with friends and family.

Water Treatment Facilities Surveillance

August 14, 2006

GeoVision Technology from Camera Security Now, is a must to protect your water and wastewater treatment facilities. With remote viewable, 100% automated cctv dvr systems starting under $2000, verification video surveillance data can provide better monitoring of the city or county water facilities at a very low cost.

Built-in motion detection

August 13, 2006

Configure each CameraGeoVision’s CCTV DVR Camera Server motion detection feature can be configured individually for each camera. Mask Specific Areas for Motion Camera ActivationSensitivity and masking areas can be adjusted separately according to the physical surroundings. This improves reliability and accuracy of detection.

Checkout Security Camera Systems

August 1, 2006

Checkout Google GeoVision Complete Security Camera Systems. Includes DVR, Monitor, Security Cameras, Cable, Power Supply, Mounting Brackets and Instructions.

See actual security

June 19, 2006

See actual security camera footageCCTV Camera Files See what the camera is recording! Click on link below for Demo VideoNote: Video is Macromedia Flash, original video has better quality.