CCTV DVR Card Only Option

September 12, 2006

GeoVision DVR Card Only Options For those who want to build their own DVR systems. GeoVision DVR Cards offer the best quality and value in the security camera industry. GeoVision CCTV DVRs from Camera Security Now are made with Genuine GeoVision DVR Cards. GeoVision DVR Cards   GeoVision DVR Parts    Non-GeoVision USB DVR

Security Cameras at Work

September 11, 2006

Observe employees from anywhere in the world. Surveillance Camera records employee time and date with multiple image verification as employee approaches the camera. You can watch the employee arrive via email. You don’t even have to log into the server.   Visit or call for estimate 877-422-1907

C-Mount Security Cameras (CCTV)

September 7, 2006

Professional C-Mount CCTV Camera If your budget permits, a C-Mount Security Camera offer a big advantage over other CCTV cameras. See our Professional Security Cameras Why don’t we have hundreds of c-mount cameras in our eStore? More ways to Mount your security camera! You may select from a variety of CCTV security camera mounts. Professional …

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Security Cameras In Schools

September 6, 2006

  Protect your students, teachers, administrators, parents… community! Pre-School, K-12, Community Colleges, Universities School Surveillance Security Camera Information and Ideas Visitor Registration Needs Better Monitoring Many schools are not constantly monitoring the visitor registration desk.   Danger Zone: Unregistered visitors can easily sneak past the registration window at some schools. Even if a person signs …

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Steve Irwin’s death caught on Video

September 5, 2006

Video of ‘Crocodile Hunter’ Steve Irwin’s last moments shows him pulling from his chest the poisonous stingray barb that killed him. Irwin’s manager John Stainton described the footage as a “terrible” experience, watching a friend die. The camera video shows Steve swimming over the top of the ray, then the tail came up, and quickly …

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