No light, Low Light Bullet Security Cameras

August 17, 2006

There are low light, no light and varifocal lens bullet cams. Low light Bullet Security Cameras can see in very low light conditions but require some ambient light. No light Bullet Security Cameras have LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes)  that illuminate areas in total darkness. Varifocal Bullet Security Cameras offer maximum flexibility in camera installations requiring a wide range …

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Why are they called Bullet Cams?

August 17, 2006

< Bullet cams are typically smaller cameras that are just over 2 inches long and resemble a bullet shell casing. Bullet cams utilize CCTV technology. Bullet security cameras can be used in both indoor and outdoor applications. The Bullet Security Camera is an ideal camera for many security applications. They got their name because they …

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August 17, 2006

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Employee Timecard Verification via CCTV DVR

August 16, 2006

Geovision CCTV DVR Tip: Record and send snapshots during the time employees are expected to be at work. Now compare photo information with time card. Actual Photo from Geovision CCTV DVR From this photo we can see that Jim is at work at 7:29 AM on August 16, 2006.

CCTV without Tapes

August 16, 2006

The Old VHS Technology Tape Changing Blues Days are Over If you are the person who is responsible for changing tapes, you know what the ‘blues’ are about. The GeoVision DVR is all digital and fully automatic. You do nothing. No tapes to change. No tapes to worry about. All GeoVision video is viewable over …

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