Built-in motion detection

August 13, 2006

Configure each CameraGeoVision’s CCTV DVR Camera Server motion detection feature can be configured individually for each camera. Mask Specific Areas for Motion Camera ActivationSensitivity and masking areas can be adjusted separately according to the physical surroundings. This improves reliability and accuracy of detection.

Checkout Security Camera Systems

August 1, 2006

Checkout Google GeoVision Complete Security Camera Systems. Includes DVR, Monitor, Security Cameras, Cable, Power Supply, Mounting Brackets and Instructions.

See actual security

June 19, 2006

See actual security camera footageCCTV Camera Files See what the camera is recording! Click on link below for Demo VideoNote: Video is Macromedia Flash, original video has better quality.

CCTV Experiences

April 20, 2006

Woody, JVC and myself have been working with Austin from ABB1 Shredding on their camera server. They were only getting 8 days of recording on 500GB hard drive space. I talked them through lowering their settings, Brian did the same and so did JVC. It came down to them having several outdoor cameras viewing aluminum …

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CCTV Technology Continues to Evolve

March 8, 2006

By John Beagle, Camera Security Now Each camera had its own monitor. One camera, one monitor. CCTV systems were introduced in the US and the UK during the 60s and 70s. CCTV systems are over a thousand times more advanced than the basic camera and monitor configurations that first appeared in the 1960s. Systems from …

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