Granny Gets Tasered on Video

December 9, 2005

The headline story ” Tased Grandma Heading to Court” was reported by the local newspaper. The video was caught digitally by a security camera system sold in 2002 by Camera Security Now, Franklin, Ohio. Camera Security Now Surveillance Video Central on National TV News StoryWhat started out as a local story featuring Camera Security Now …

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Get a Good Face Shot

November 18, 2005

Use Higher quality cameras at entry areas Doors, gates and other entry areas need a good quality, high resolution camera to record a good ‘face shot.’ The video from this camera should be considered a highly valuable since it can be used as evidence in identifying a person in a court of law.Wide Angle Cameras …

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Protect your employees and your Profits

November 3, 2005

Fact: Robberies are less frequent when video cameras are in conspicuous places and proper signage is displayed on entry doors and walls. Once a potential robber or thief sees that your place is under surveillance, they don’t try anything. “We got robbed just after we installed the Camera Security Now system.” Explains John Bower who …

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Point of Sale (POS) Integration

October 21, 2005

Integrate cash register transactions into GeoVision Surveillance Security Camera Servers utilizing the GV-Data Capture Device.The GV-Data Capture Device superimposes transaction data on the recorded images and snapshots. The POS transaction history will be kept in the GeoVision log database. Powerful Search features include: Search video files based on POS transaction keywordsUse transaction keywords as search …

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Why buy our CCTV Security Camera DVR Surveillance System?

October 12, 2005

“With all the DVRs on the market, why not just buy the cheapest thing I can find. They are all the same right?- That is the most common question we get around here,” said Bill Schiering of Camera Security Now. All CCTV Digital Video Recorders are Not Created Equally DVRs are actually computers. They contain …

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