Hidden Costs of Not Upgrading Your Cameras

Recently, our sister company, Computer Service Now, told you about the Hidden Costs of Not Upgrading Your Computer, but your outdated security camera system could be costing you more than you realize. Just like computers and servers, your security camera system needs to be upgraded too. From camera downtime to lower quality and missing out on new options, your old security camera system is a drain on your company’s valuable resources. Read on to learn more about the hidden costs of not upgrading your aging security camera system.

More downtime

Just like with any electronic device, the older your security cameras become, the more likely they are to fail or experience more frequent outages. For companies with numerous cameras, these occasional outages can quickly add up; and for smaller companies, the loss of even one camera can mean the loss of a large amount of security camera coverage.

The older your system is, the less likely you are to be getting regular maintenance. Is the company that installed your system still in business? Did your service contract expire and no one bothered to contact you to renew or extend it? No replacing batteries or deferring maintenance can seriously impact your security camera system’s ability to function properly. When the components of your aging system aren’t regularly checked and updated, your system can experience catastrophic failures.

A newer IP security camera system offers fewer failure points and ease of service that help reduce downtime. If your IP camera is experiencing an issue, a technician can often troubleshoot and fix the problem remotely. When a service or maintenance visit is needed, your technician is sure to have the parts or equipment needed to repair your modern security camera system, unlike an old outdated analog system which might require waiting for a part to be delivered.

Lower quality

The video quality and resolution of security camera systems have come a long way in the last few years. Don’t wait until you get robbed or your store gets broken into to find out that your outdated system is only capable of producing grainy footage that makes it impossible to identify the culprit.

Out of focus crowd

Older camera systems are notorious for producing terrible images in low lighting conditions or for being so low quality that zooming in on an image only made the image even more unintelligible. Old analog security cameras send a video signal to your digital video recorder (DVR) which then processes the signal and records it, resulting in a lower frame rate and limited resolution. Read Why is My Security Footage Low Quality to learn more.

Don’t wait until you find out that your analog security camera’s low quality doesn’t allow you to zoom in and identify the license plate of a vehicle involved in a hit and run in your parking lot. Take a proactive approach by upgrading to an IP security camera system that allows you to capture high-resolution images on cameras that offer features like Pan-Tilt-Zoom, license plate recognition, and remote viewing options to keep your workplace safer and more secure.

Storage issues

Old DVR needs upgraded

You may think that your old analog security cameras allow you to save on storage costs, but you’d be wrong. The DVRs that record, process, and store the footage from analog cameras aren’t capable of handling very much data. This lack of storage capability often means that business owners who intended to save money by not upgrading end up shelling out even more money for additional DVRs to store their low-quality analog video.

One of the most common methods of compressing and distributing video on a modern IP security camera system, H.264 cuts video data to about a quarter of its original size, allow you to store more video on your network video recorder (NVR). These compression capabilities allow you to reduce your overall storage needs while capturing a higher-quality image that can be digitally zoomed in on to allow for images to be examined in greater detail.

Fewer options

Does reviewing your security camera footage mean sitting down at a computer in the office? You never know when an incident is going to occur in your workplace. When your alarm company calls you at 2am to say that an intruder alert has been set off in your building, can you view your security cameras from the comfort of your bed to find out if there’s actually an intruder or if it’s just a stray cat that has wandered into your warehouse? Old analog security camera systems often lack many of the options that are standard on modern IP systems, like remote accessibility or the ability to integrate with access control systems and alarms.

Remote viewing security cameras

It’s important for you to be able to keep track of your business from anywhere and at any time, that’s why an updated digital security camera system like ours comes with remote viewing access options standard. Now you can check in on your employees and workplace from anywhere using your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Not only that, we understand that the modern demands of business, especially those that operate 24/7, means that companies need to be able to use their security camera systems for more than just recording footage. Our Geovision security camera system offers a comprehensive software package allowing seamless access control integration to help you control access to restricted areas like the server room, even when your regular office staff have gone home for the day. Read Taking Security to the Next Level with Access Control to learn more.

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