Keep an Eye on These Areas of Your Apartment Complex

When you own or manage an apartment complex, security should always at the top of your list of concerns. There’s no better way to ensure the security of your residents and your apartment complex than to install a high-quality security camera system. A well-planned and professionally installed security camera system can not only help reduce crime and vandalism around your apartment complex property, but it can also help ensure the safety of your residents in common areas and help protect you from frivolous lawsuits. Here are just a few of the essential areas of your apartment complex that can benefit from a professional security camera system.

Crime prevention

If you’re a property manager or apartment complex owner, you know that criminal activity can have a significant impact on your community. A good video surveillance system not only helps deter criminal activity, but it can also make your community more sought after.

When it comes to crime, convenience and ease are key. When a potential burglar or vandal knows that an apartment community is being monitored by a security camera system, they are less likely to target your tenants. Additionally, when a crime does occur, you can turn your security camera footage over to police as evidence to help catch and prosecute the culprit.

Unfortunately, burglars and thieves from outside your community aren’t the only people you have to be concerned about. If you constantly receive complaints about a particular resident or have recurring issues in a specific apartment block, a security camera system can help you determine who is at fault.

For residents, knowing that the common areas of the apartment complex are being monitored may keep them from doing anything that could violate their lease – like bringing in an unauthorized pet or moving in an additional person who isn’t on the lease. Security camera systems can help bring peace of mind to all of your residents and prevent the bad behavior a few bad apples from ruining the community experience for everyone else. Read our article Security Cameras for Apartment Buildings to explore more ways that a security camera system can help improve the safety of your apartment community.

Parking lot surveillance weatherproof

Mind parking lots

Parking lots are a common source of pain for many apartment managers and owners. From vehicle accidents and break-ins to slips and falls, training an eye on your parking areas can help save you some serious headache down the road.

When someone falls in your parking lot or takes a spill on a sidewalk, it’s human nature to want to assume that the story you’re hearing is the truth. However, personal injury lawsuits are one of the most common types of frivolous lawsuits that small businesses have to deal with each year, including apartment complex communities. If a tenant or visitor falls on your property, it’s often a matter of he said-she said, but security camera footage can provide a clearer picture of the facts.

With over 50% of lawsuits targeting small businesses, a security camera system can go a long way to protect your complex and your residents who suffer legitimate injuries. For outdoor areas like parking lots, be sure to select weatherproof IP cameras that can withstand even the coldest temperatures and strongest storms.

Keep common areas safe

Apartment complex surveillance cameras

Common areas like pools, fitness centers, laundry areas, and secure mailbox areas are a luxury that many apartment complex residents have come to expect. Without on-site security or security cameras, some residents may be hesitant to visit these areas alone or after dark. Keeping your residents safe in these areas, especially at night, is essential to providing the best living experience in your apartment complex.

Pools and fitness centers can often be magnets for injury and nefarious incidents. Ensuring that residents and their guests know that the area is being monitored by a security camera and that the footage is reviewed can help reduce the number of complaints and issues you have in these areas significantly. For example, residents will be less likely to use the pool outside of posted hours or to engage in non-sanctioned activities in the pool area. Check out Security Cameras for Swimming Pools for some of our tried-and-true tips for keeping your pool safe and secure.

For mail areas, security cameras provide an added sense of protection during the holiday season for package deliveries. In laundry areas, security cameras can pull double duty making residents feel safe from nefarious actors and protecting their clothing and other property they may leave behind as they enter and exit the facility. Offering more amenities to residents allows you to charge a premium on rents and attract higher quality tenants and installing a high-quality security camera system helps you protect that investment.

Work smarter

Being an apartment community manager or complex owner is demanding and stressful enough without having to spend extra hours sitting in the leasing office reviewing security camera footage. Remote viewing options allow apartment owners and managers to keep an eye on their property at all times from anywhere in the world.

Remote viewing security cameras on smartphone

Remote viewing also allows you to respond to incidents in real-time when you receive a complaint from a tenant about a neighbor or loiterers. You can even allow police access to your security camera feed to allow them to have a better handle on a developing situation or emergency at your apartment complex.

Ready to talk security?

Current and potential residents typically rate safety as a top priority when looking at apartment complexes. Your residents are more likely to stay longer and you’ll attract higher-quality applicants when you let your tenants know that you’re putting their safety first by installing a security camera system. In return, you’ll see less turnover and a willingness to pay slightly higher rents in exchange for increased safety and security.

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