Good Morning, Barrow!

As the northernmost town in Alaska, Barrow is no stranger to the cold and dark. In fact, it’s been 67 days since the sun last touched the snowcapped town of Barrow, Alaska. This morning, though, Barrow residents will finally welcome the return of the sun. As dawn breaks over the town, we’re taking time to celebrate some of the fun and interesting things that have happened across the US since Barrow entered the long night.


Seattle, Washington

Muggles flocked to Seattle for a Weekend of Wizardry beginning on December 6 to celebrate all things Harry Potter. Witches and wizards mingled with other devoted fans during a four-day convention that featured workshops, celebrity guests, feasts, a holiday ball, and other magical programming.

Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix residents spent a night under the stars on December 13 to observe the annual Geminid meteor shower. Every December the Earth travels through particles of dust left behind by the asteroid 3200 Phaethon. As the dust burns up in the Earth’s atmosphere, a shower of meteors wows stargazers.

Dayton, Ohio

A rare treat was visited upon Dayton (and much of the rest of the world) as a total lunar eclipse, blood moon, supermoon, and wolf moon all combined on the night of January 20. As the moon passed through the Earth’s shadow, it took on the deep red hue that gives it the name blood moon. Residents gathered on high points around the Miami Valley to get the best views of this lunar treat.

Boston, Massachusetts

Like every year since 1975, Boston’s First Night First Day celebration offered up the most popular New Year’s event in the city. With family-friendly entertainment, live musical performances, comedy acts, an ice skating show, parade, Chinese dragon, and fireworks, First Night First Day drew more than 200,000 people to Copley Square and Boston Common.

A new day in Barrow

Barrow, Alaska

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