New Year’s Resolutions for Safety Directors

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As 2018 draws to a close, it’s time to take a look at your company’s safety goals for the new year. Your job as Safety Director is to ensure the health and safety of your employees and workplace. Keeping up with safety in an ever-changing workplace can be more difficult than it seems. Here are a few resolutions that every Safety Director should implement in the new year.

Set up a safety committee

If you don’t already have a safety team, your most important resolution for the New Year should be the development of a safety committee. Safety committees help provide essential education, safety training, and opportunities to explore potential workplace dangers with employees.

Your safety committee should include employees from a broad spectrum of roles and levels within your company. Every member of the team should be encouraged to share their concerns and provide input in each meeting.


Encourage employees to voice concerns

Even employees who aren’t part of your established safety committee should be encouraged to share their concerns about safety issues. Develop protocols that enable employees to report potential hazards, allowing you to stop accidents before they happen. Set up clean up stations throughout the workspace and set up housekeeping policies for immediate clean-up of spills and other messes.Establish a safety group

Reward employees for bringing these concerns to the attention of management. Create a physical or digital bulletin board that celebrates the everyday actions of regular employees to improve the safety standards of your company. Once per month name one employee as a safety star and invite them to lunch with the safety manager or provide a gift card to reward their dedication.

Create engaging safety training

Spend time creating an agenda for each training meeting so that employees can prepare and plan for each meeting. Try to veer away from lecture-style delivery as much as possible. The more you engage employees in training, the more likely they are to implement that training into their daily work.

Play games or create opportunities for employees to share personal safety stories. Invite guest speakers in from outside the company whenever possible to provide a fresh perspective. You can even utilize virtual reality simulations to create opportunities for employees to experience the dangers of not following safety protocols.

Install or upgrade your security cameras

Ease safety concerns with a security system

Security cameras can help you identify everyday lapses in protocols that undermine the integrity of your safety program. Catching these slips allows you to prevent injuries and helps remind employees that safety is a priority for your company. Additionally, security cameras can help you identify areas where additional precautions are needed or specific groups of employees that could benefit from additional safety training. Not only will you be more compliant with OSHA and industry regulatory standards, but you’ll also be able to minimize injuries to employees that can lead to lost productivity for your company. is a leader in the workplace security camera industry and can provide long-term storage for all of your workplace security video for reference, training, and compliance purposes. We offer motion detecting, infrared, fisheye 360º, and Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras and cameras with audio recording abilities. Our expert technicians will install all of your equipment and can answer any questions your IT department may have. Get a quote for all of your workplace safety and security camera needs.

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