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Mall Security Camera Systems

As the holiday season gets underway, malls and shopping centers become busier and more chaotic by the day. From pop-up shops to increased foot traffic, the difficulty of managing security for an entire mall with physical personnel can become overwhelming. Security cameras can assist your staff with theft and vandalism prevention and investigation. Additionally, these cameras can also help minimize the likelihood of other security concerns, like vehicle break-ins and physical violence. Read on to learn more about how our security cameras can work with your staff to make your mall a safer place for employees and shoppers, while protecting store inventory.

Protect inventory

Whether they think they’re blocked by the crowd or that there simply aren’t enough eyes to watch everyone, shoplifters seem to become emboldened by the holidays. For retailers, 37 percent of their annual shrinkage occurs during the period between Black Friday and Christmas Eve, with the bulk of this loss due to shoplifting and employee theft.

Prominently displayed security cameras discourage theft by employees and shoppers alike, so their mere presence will result in fewer incidence for your security team to respond to. When thefts or shoplifting does occur, your surveillance cameras can help police identify the perpetrators quickly and prosecute them.

Curb vandalismSecurity Cameras For Vandalism Prevention

Security cameras can also deter vandalism in your mall. From tagging to broken windows, preventing vandalism not only creates the sense of a safer environment for shoppers, but it also saves companies thousands of dollars in repair costs related to damage caused by vandalism. When these acts do occur, security camera footage can also help to ensure that the vandals are caught.

In the parking lot

Surveillance Systems For Parking Lots

Ranging from minor property theft to assault, more than 11 percent of property crimes occur in parking lots or garages, and more than seven percent of violent crimes occur in these areas. With parking lots being such a hotspot for these issues, security cameras provide a valuable resource for reducing these crimes and ensuring these perpetrators are caught when crimes occur.

Video security when you need it most

The holidays can bring out the best and the worst in people. With malls and shopping centers drawing so many visitors each day, you are bound to encounter some of both. Security cameras can help you protect employees, shoppers, and property, while also preventing crime and assisting in the identification of perpetrators.

Whenever possible, security camera footage should be monitored in real-time, allowing security personnel to be dispatched and respond to situations as they happen. offers surveillance cameras with a variety of features, including license plate and facial recognition, infrared imaging for night time and low light recording, and wireless connectivity. With more than 30 years of experience, our expert security camera installers and technicians can answer any questions you may have about surveillance camera needs for your mall. Get a quote for all of your plant security camera needs.

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