Cameras Views: A Maintenance Reminder

As I pulled into the office today I could see what looked to be a pretty big wreck blocking a few lanes of traffic on eastbound OH122 near our office. Wrecks happen often on this road and we’re usually able to review our surveillance video to see what happened and help the police in determining fault. Today, unfortunately, was not one of those days. After hopping on the camera system I quickly found that the accident had happened behind an area covered by trees.

This is an important reminder that having a clear camera view is very important. Trees, spider webs, signage, and other visibility obstacles might not exist when a camera is installed. It is important to always check that your cameras are showing you what you want.

We offer a remote check-up service which includes verifying your camera views are unobstructed, as well as that your cameras are recording, and that you are getting enough data retention for your particular needs. Check-ups can be done as a one-time service, or as part of a scheduled maintenance package. Call us today to discuss how we can help ensure your business is protected 800-440-1662 or fill out a quote online.

Update 8/17/19: Tree Coverage strikes again!
Tree coverage prevents good footage

Luckily, we have another PTZ camera that is under the tree coverage. But it’s easy to see how trees can block the view of your security cameras. Contact us for assistance!

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