No More Monkey Business – Wild Monkey Caught on Camera Stealing Bananas! (RAW VIDEO Footage)

Since 2015, there have been approximately 1,000,000 robberies that have occurred in the United States, resulting in nearly $1.25B in damages, YES that’s a B as in BILLIONS! As robberies and crimes continue to occur more frequently, it’s no secret that more and more people are reporting crimes to law enforcement. However, with the increase in crime activity, the increase in police reports appears to be burdening police resources and decreasing the rate in which suspects are served justice. In recent years, less than 1 in 2 reported crimes were solved and suspects charged with criminal offenses. This is unacceptable, and if your like us, this probably has you scratching your head like a monkey wondering how could this be? There has to be a better way to prevent crimes and incidents in general, and now that you mention it, solutions do indeed exist. With surveillance cameras from Camera Security Now, crime prevention, incident review, theft prevention, and other monkey business can be put to an end. In this article, we will explore the benefits of implementing and using our security cameras in a variety of environments and scenarios.

Missing Object Detection and Motion Tracking Cameras at Work:

Our surveillance camera solutions offer the configuration of an advanced missing object detection feature that can detect the absence of inventory, items, objects, you name it, within your workplace. Furthermore, we can even setup your new business security cameras to instantly notify you when an object leaves it’s mapped location or when motion is detected. Within as little as 1 second, our business surveillance cameras can send you an email with time and pictures of where the missing object was detected, providing your business or organization with sound crime prevention and theft prevention solutions. Tell criminals to keep their hands off of your bananas!

Incident Review at School and Work:

As children grow and age towards their teenage years, the increase in fighting, bullying, and even sexual assault are legitimate concerns of any school administration. Our specialized school security cameras offer schools with the opportunity to review any incident that transpires in the school environment, and also helps deter potential incidents with the obvious installation of school surveillance cameras. Furthermore, having access to live monitoring and advanced playback features leverages any school with powerful ways to combat teenage drama and stops the schoolyard shenanigans.

Thermal Detection and Security Overnight:

When you leave the workplace at night, do you worry about the safety of your business and inventory? If so, then have no worries, camera security solutions do exist to catch pesky thieves trying to steal all of your bananas, and unlike competitors, all of our security cameras offer sophisticated heat map detection features. This means that even in the darkest hours, after your business closes for the day, our business security cameras can detect body heat from robbers and thieves attempting to steal from your business, and of course, notifies you with email alerts specifying where and what a thief is after.

Aid in Criminal Investigation of Thieves:

Utilizing our security cameras also gives your business or organization the advanced tools necessary to enhance camera footage playback with high capacity storage options and RAID technology, and should you ever need to report a theft or potential crime to law enforcement, having access to high resolution, high quality camera security footage can be the difference in proving a suspect guilty in a crime or theft investigation and letting them walk free!


If you are in the market for new security cameras or are looking to upgrade to IP security cameras, and need help deciding the specifics and scope of your project, fill out our request a quote form, and we’d be happy to answer any questions you may have. Our dedicated camera security experts have almost 30 years of experience securing and protecting businesses and organizations just like yours.

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