Parking Lot Cameras and Hit-and-Runs

Cars in a parking lot

Parking lot security cameras are important no matter the size or location of the lot. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, parking lots are where about 20% of vehicle accidents occur. Parking lot surveillance cameras can provide valuable video footage for use in investigation of car accidents and property crime.

Parking lots are a common location for hit-and-run accidents and vandalism, and cameras with license plate reading capabilities can read license plates in a variety of lighting conditions. Bus depots, new and used car lots, and public parking lots and parking garages are all areas with a lot of valuable assets are concentrated in one location, and business surveillance systems are needed to monitor these assets.

PTZ, or pan-tilt-zoom cameras offer functions such as people or object tracking, following a moving object around the parking lot. Thermal cameras can provide reliable motion alerts on a large area, without overwhelming the system with false positive alerts. Facial recognition cameras can help identify people of interest on your property, such as criminals.

Visible security cameras can act as a valuable tool for loss prevention and deterring crime. Parking lot camera systems can be installed anywhere there is access to power, and can be connected wirelessly to an internet connection hundreds of feet away.

Financial justification for parking lot cameras is surprisingly simple. Preventing or aiding in the investigation of a single criminal incident could easily pay for a camera system. If you are a business owner who doesn’t already have a parking lot surveillance system, consider getting security cameras for parking lot crime investigation.

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