Concealing Covert Security Cameras

A common strategy used when equipping businesses with security cameras is to have the security cameras be clearly on display to help deter crime. It is generally agreed upon that deterring crime is a good thing, but if you are a business or even a homeowner, there may be certain scenarios in which you do not want your cameras to stick out like sore thumbs. In these scenarios, a covert security camera is going to be your best option.

Unlike dome security cameras or box security cameras, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all shape for covert security cameras. Although there are some common places for covert cameras to hide – such as in exit signs, clocks, and smoke detectors – the hiding spot of covert security cameras can vary greatly depending on the cunning of the business/home owner.

Two security cameras peaking out of a bush.

Full disclosure, covert security cameras are obviously not invisible. Covert security cameras have their own wiring (Unless you get the kind that has an internal battery) and can still be found, but that doesn’t mean should go about making it easy for potential criminals to find it. If you’re lacking sneaky motivation, here are three tips you can use to improve the covertness of your covert security camera.

1. Hide the camera wiring behind your baseboard.

2. Hide the camera in a fake plant. Yes, a plant. Just make sure leaves don’t get in the way. Also, if you go with this approach, make the plant is positioned near a wall and in close proximity to something else which requires electricity to minimize the risk of your camera’s cable being seen.

3. If you have an old alarm clock you aren’t using and some time, you could gut the clock and conceal your covert camera inside the casing. With this method you don’t even need to conceal your wiring.

One final disclosure, check your local laws regarding video surveillance before you purchase or install a security camera system. If you are recording footage of events happening on your property or your business’ property you’re most likely in the green legally, but it would be a shame to buy a security camera to only not be able to use it.


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