3 Uncommon Uses for Security Cameras

The majority of our articles are about topics which can be described as being on the more somber side of life. This is mostly due to the fact that the main functions of security cameras are to capture video surveillance of crimes and to deter them before they happen. However, there are other uses for security cameras. Three uses for security camera systems you may not have thought of are entertainment, animal control, and monitoring package delivery.


You may have scoffed when I said you could use your security cameras for entertainment purposes. Hopefully your security cameras do not record anything of note while you are away, but there are rare instances where security cameras can capture something funny or baffling. While many people carry smartphones capable of recording videos, sometimes security cameras are the only devices around to capture events as they happen, and sometimes security cameras witness some pretty great events that we would otherwise miss out on.

For example, if you didn’t work at this specific McDonald’s when this particular event happened, and if security cameras didn’t exist you would never be able to watch this egregious act of a customer freaking out over not being able to get chicken nuggets.

Animal Control


While security cameras will not directly solve all of your animal related problems they can definitely help you in deciding how to combat them. My parents had a garden, and a problem which used to continuously pop up throughout the years was animals eating vegetables in the garden.Now, you could try to throw up a bunch of fencing to see if that solves anything, but if it doesn’t help you have now lost more of your vegetables and however much you spent on fencing. Having a security camera monitoring your garden can help you find out what type of critter is eating your plants, and can help you decide on how to prevent them from eating your plants in the future.

Monitoring Packages

This use for security cameras falls more in-line with the standard purpose of the equipment. The packages which are delivered on your doorstep might not all be super vital, but just knowing that something has arrived at your house and it will be there when you get home is nice. If you see that your package arrived early in the day you might even decide to use your lunch break to quickly stop by the house and put it inside. In the worst case scenario of your package being stolen, you can find some comfort in knowing that you have evidence of the crime happening.


If you are on the edge about buying a security camera system for your residence or business these are most likely not the main reasons which are making you consider getting a security system. Think of these three things as side-benefits which you can receive while upgrading the security of your home or business.

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