Camera Security Now Teams up with Abilities First to Give Back to the Community

If you haven’t already heard the sad news, the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey circus act will be closing its doors this year. Before the 146 year old circus act ends however, the Ringling Brothers are going on one final tour, and one of their final performing locations is the U.S. Bank Arena in Cincinnati.The Ringling Brothers start their performance of Circus XTREME at the U.S. Bank Arena on Friday, March 10th, and will be performing multiple shows there until Sunday, March 19th.



At, we like to stay in touch with the local community. And with as big of an event as the final tour of the Ringling Brothers, we decided to provide underprivileged families tickets to attend one of the final showings of Circus XTREME at the U.S. Bank Arena. To do this, we teamed up with a local non-profit by the name of Abilities First. After donating the tickets, Abilities First Development and Community Relations Coordinator Connie Sandker kindly sent us this letter:



Here is a picture of the family who received the tickets to go to the circus. I hope that they had a wonderful time!
Abilities First Ticket Recipients

Abilities First is a non-profit organization is an organization which is focused on helping families with disabilities and is based out of Middletown, Ohio. Like, Abilities First specializes in servicing families living in the Southwest Ohio region ( is a nationwide company but we are headquartered in the Southwest Ohio Region)  but instead of offering security cameras or access control systems, Abilities First offers services through many things including:


• An Autism Learning Center

• An Adult Day Program

• Intermediate Care Facilities

•  An Early Childhood Learning Center

• Employment Services

• Pediatric Therapy


In addition to the above list, Abilities First also offers other services. For more information, you can contact Abilities First at

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