Parking Lot Security Cameras and Hit-and-Runs

Now the the holiday season is over, ‘tis the season for hazardous driving conditions in many northern States. This time of the year is notorious for bringing in school delays and car accidents. While school delays have a positive effect on kids, most of us would like to avoid liability from any car accidents.

Parking lot security cameras

A record year for hit and runs

2018 was a record year for hit-and-runs, according to a study by AAA. The report continued to explain that over the past 10 years, nearly 20 percent of all pedestrian deaths were caused by hit-and-run cashes, compared to just 1 percent of all driver fatalities in the same time period. While we can’t give much advice to keep you safe from hit-and-run related injuries, there is some information that is important to be aware of. If your car is involved in a hit-and-run and you cannot find the party who damaged your vehicle, look around for security cameras. Often businesses will have security cameras watching their parking lots for just that reason.

Parking Lot Cameras

Parking lot security cameras are a common feature of many US businesses and organizations for several reasons. Business surveillance systems often have parking lot security cameras to deter crime, such as theft, vandalism, or even assault, from happening on the property, and if any of these crimes do happen the business will have evidence to hand over to the police.

Video Recorder viewing parking lot camera

There’s another benefit to so many properties have security cameras watching their parking lots. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, parking lots are where about 20% of vehicle accidents occur. So, if you notice your car has a scratch on it and you think you were hit and run’d while you were away from your parked vehicle, there’s a chance the person who hit your car was caught on camera.

What to do

Remember, if you do get hit in a parking lot, find the building owner and ask if they have security camera footage you can check to help you identify the vehicle, You might also want to get the police involved depending on how bad the damage your vehicle received is. Camera footage can greatly help the police and you find the other vehicle involved in the incident.

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car has dented rear bumper damaged after hit and run

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