HELP! I’ve Fallen And Now….I’m Suing You! Security Cameras Bust Worker’s Compensation Fraud

Imagine this: You’re the owner of a business and everything is going great. Business is good, profits are steady, and everyone seems happy. Then you receive notice that one of your employees is suing for injuries sustained in a “workplace accident”. You have no memory or record of this accident, but your employee says that they were hurt on your property while at work. What do you do? Instead of getting into a situation where it’s your word against theirs, this scenario would be resolved easily if there was good coverage of your workplace on a professional grade security camera system.

Warning Signs Of Workers Compensation Fraud To Be Aware Of

The real problem is knowing if your employee is telling the truth or not. Did they really get hurt on the job or are they just trying to make a quick buck off of your business? One of the ways to tell if your employee is lying is to look for some of the key warning signs. When was the injury reported? If it was reported on a Monday morning then take notice, especially if the “injury” took place late Friday and wasn’t reported until the following Monday. Did the report come before or after a strike, job termination, layoff, project end, or end of seasonal work?

What about the legal consultants of the employee making the claim? Do they have a history of handling suspicious claims (Better Call Saul!) or are the same doctors and lawyers used by groups of claimants? Did anyone else witness the incident? Does the employee’s own description of the accident not support the cause of the injury? Or is the medical history or injury report inconsistent with the employee’s claim? Does this person have a history of suspicious claims?

What about actual medical care? Did the claimant refuse a diagnostic procedure to confirm the nature of the injuries? How long was the delay between the incident happening and when it was reported? Once the report has been made is it difficult for you to reach the claimant? Does the claimant frequently change physicians, addresses, or jobs?

Security Cameras Can Really Help With Workers Compensation Fraud

While the above signs do not necessarily mean that your employee is trying to commit fraud, if two or more of these are in play then you, as a business owner, should take notice. Thankfully, there is a preventative measure you can take: Security Cameras. Security camera systems have been used in a new effort to curb workers compensation fraud. One of the largest entertainment businesses in the country, Chuck E. Cheese’s, has reduced claims costs by nearly $600,000 over the past four years and, from 2009 to 2010, installed security cameras throughout each of its 150 company-owned stores.

It’s a fact that when employees know they are being recorded by a security camera system, they are less likely to be dishonest. You can tell a lot about a person by observing their behavior when they think nobody is watching them. Business security cameras capture fake workplace injuries all the time. In the video below, you can see a man from Cleveland doing his best to fake a workplace injury. Thankfully for the business owner, this security camera caught the entire charade.

If the camera in the above video had not been in place, then proving that this man faked his injuries would most certainly have been a lot more difficult and costly. Security camera systems are a relatively inexpensive way to help you combat workers compensation fraud. The sad fact is that people are dishonest, especially when they think nobody is watching. Because of this, the threat of a false workers compensation claim is all too real. Thankfully, security camera systems are your perfect solution.

If you want to keep your employees honest and you want to prevent things like workers compensation fraud, consider purchasing a security camera system from! We provide full security camera systems and offer everything from Dome, IP, and PTZ cameras to Bullet, Box, Infrared, and even Vandal-Proof cameras. Call Randy today at 877-422-1907 x357 or visit us online to Request A Quote!

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