Our Cameras Put To The Test, Helping An Investigation


The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office in Dayton, Ohio is trying to identify a man who has been involved in over $100,00 in theft of tools from rental stores all over Ohio and Kentucky. There have been multiple security cams who have caught pictures and videos of the man. It just so happens that one of our own security cameras caught the man on video. You can see the Facebook post by the sheriff’s office with 3 different pictures from security camera systems. Guess who’s is the most clear and will probably help find the man? You guessed it! Ours. We’re not trying to toot our own horn, but beep beep. Check out the post and see the 3 pictures. Ours is the top right picture. Compare for yourself and please contact the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office if you have any information!

Dayton Sheriff's Office

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