Audio Surveillance Legality Varies from State to State

A lot of people use video surveillance systems at their home or business but most of them simply record video. You can add the ability to record audio to your surveillance system but this isn’t something you can do just on a whim. Before you add audio recording to your surveillance system you should carefully research the different laws in your state regarding audio surveillance as you could face lawsuits and/or criminal charges.

Recording conversations can be a violation of privacy, so it is crucial to understand your state’s laws before you end up getting yourself in trouble. For example, according to Oregon’s laws, before a recording can take place, all parties (or persons) must be informed of a possible recording and consent to being recorded in a private conversation. However, conversations can technically be picked up on video without the need for consent due to the limited expectation of privacy in public environments, i.e. walking on the street or in a park. States permitting audio surveillance often require signs informing all parties that their conversations are being recorded.

Upgrading or purchasing a video and/or audio surveillance system can benefit you and others around you by creating more of a secure environment in your business or home. These surveillance systems can provide public safety and help with theft protection, vandalism, problematic behavior, and trespassing. In addition to that there are even schools that are eligible to receive funding to obtain a video surveillance system, to help with their students fighting, stealing, or disrupting property. Even retirement homes have started upgrading their video surveillance to HD IP, to better protect their residents.

In deciding on a video surveillance system, always take into consideration adding an audio component for an all around better, safer, more efficient, secure surveillance system. For a summary of each state’s audio recording laws, see the following guide: , if you have any other questions concerning audio recording, be sure to also speak with an attorney in your state.

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