Watch In Reverse To See Citizens Returning Their Loot In Ferguson, Missouri!

This is why you need multiple security cameras and, more importantly, cameras with the ability to capture a good face shot in your store! The police want to catch these perps, but they can’t do it without the help of a reliable and properly placed security camera system.


This video can be pretty depressing, even disturbing. To end on a good note, watch the video in reverse so you can watch law abiding citizens returning stolen items in Ferguson, Missouri!
The way these criminals raided that store, pilfering everything reminds me of a show called The Walking Dead, on AMC. See for yourself:

To see some perps actually getting caught and arrested, being put to justice visit:

If this you’ve decided to get a quality security system with professional installation after watching this video, we don’t blame you. CAM can help you with any security camera application!

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