Audio Surveillance Cameras Backfires On Auto Retailer

Recently in Massachusetts, a video went viral of an auto retailer bullying a pizza delivery man over a $7 tip. After seeing the video,  the internet community actually raised him $31,000 on a Go Fund Me page. If you would like to know more about this story, please see the link below from Fox News. What is more interesting is the example of pros and cons for audio surveillance equipment.

Pros of Surveillance Cameras With Audio

Surveillance cameras with audio are a great tool to use in certain environments. In the case of the auto retailer, a lot of transactions are done verbally, leaving open the potential for abuse with over zealous salespeople promising things they shouldn’t be. Another issue can be a customer saying they were quoted an extremely low number for a car when it costs more than double that amount. Having surveillance cameras with audio allows for you to be immersed in the event and witness it first hand. Audio cameras work great for customer service environments. If a string of customers are complaining about one or two employees, catching their tone of voice and helpful advice (or lack of) can really be a benefit. A warning, surveillance cameras with audio can not be used in all states. For our guide to surveillance cameras with audios in each state check out our beginners guide to audio surveillance.

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Cons of Surveillance Cameras With Audio

There are cons to applying surveillance cameras with audio in your home or business.  Surveillance cameras with audio come with a lot of legal red tape on what is allowed and not allowed. Some states require that all parties involved must know they are being recorded while other states require only one person know they are being recorded. Another issue with audio, in the case of the auto retailer, you may hear something you don’t want to hear or leak on the internet. Now this video was uploaded to the company’s YouTube channel by the IT associate because he thought everyone would side with the auto retailer and find it funny. But obviously the risk is still there.



Surveillance cameras with audio are great in certain situations that may require verbal communication. However, you will want to take in consideration the amount of red tape that comes with the  surveillance cameras with audio. Also make sure you don’t make the same mistake made by the auto retailer and allow someone access to your surveillance system and your YouTube channel.

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