Short List Of Holiday Safety Tips

‘Tis The Season to be jolly: where friends and family come together and spend time exchange gifts and enjoying one another. It is also the time of year where the Grinch likes to take advantage of our holiday cheer. The story of the Grinch provides a lot of insight of what we should expect each holiday season, but how do we protect ourselves from these holiday crashers? We have provided a small list to help you out this year, and hopefully the years to come!


  • 155999658Secure Your Home – Just like the Grinch movie, robbers (Grinches) will sneak into your home and steal what they can. In the winter, we see longer nights and a lot of us don’t come home from work until nightfall. Home invaders will use the extra nighttime to grab what they can before you even arrive home. Make sure you lock the doors before leaving your house, no matter how long you’ll be gone. And, if you haven’t done so, lock your windows for the winter season.
  • Hide The Evidence – If you receive large, wanted items, make sure you break down the boxes to fit in the garbage can. These items are like TV’s and stereo equipment, anything with a large box that doesn’t fit in the garbage can. On your next trash day, those Grinches will be investigating your trash for things they can pick up later.


  • Turn The Lights Off – It is believed that if you leave a couple lights on in your house, you can deter home invaders, however, leaving lights on in the house, allow home invaders to see inside your home and window shop. The best alternative to this solution would be to use your porch lights to light up the outside of the house and keep the inside hidden. Hiding the inside will hide your expensive toys and the outside lights will expose any home invaders trying to sneak in.


The holiday season is a wonderful time to spend with family and friends, but there are those who search out taking others enjoyable season and benefit from taking our holiday cheer. Prepare yourself for these situations to help prevent any accidents from happening in the future. And keep your eyes peeled for Grinches and Scrooges!

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