Tips & Tricks To Preventing Bar Fights And Theft

Bar owners can only be in so many places at one time when they’re overseeing their establishment, so what about having eyes in all of the other places? It really does help to have a security camera system set up in order to keep track of everything else that’s happening within the club.

Bar Fights


Think of what all happens within the bar itself. First and foremost are the drinks. Plenty of alcohol, which enjoyed in moderation, is never a bad thing. There are some out there who haven’t quite grasped the concept of moderation and because of that, they can quickly become problems. You don’t want to have any liability when you’re a bar owner. Should there be a bar fight that breaks out, you need to make sure you have standing evidence that supports your case and shows that your bartenders weren’t responsible, thus making you responsible. This is honestly the case for any place that serves beer or other alcohol. For example, even restaurants like Applebee’s could be liable for “bar fights” if there isn’t any type of security camera footage supporting their case.

Security camera systems have been known to even cut down on bar fights and crimes in general as well. If you’re a bar patron and you’re a little heated, you are probably less likely to get into a fight or cause trouble if you’re on camera. Why? Well you wouldn’t want to have trouble with the cops would you?

Employee Theft


It’s not just about potential fights however. Think about how much employee theft is out there. As the owner of your business, keeping an eye on your profits and products is a big deal. There is always a lot of traffic by the bars and it can be hard to view just how much money is going in and out of the register. As the owner, you want to make sure that your business and employees are operating appropriately and efficiently. Should any money come up short on one of the registers, all you need do is consult the security camera footage and see exactly when and why it happened.


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The Dance Floor

The dance floor can also be a place where security concerns begin to arise. Again, when people get more drunk, they become more volatile and harder to manage. When people are trying to dance on the dance floor and a someone doesn’t like someone dancing with someone else or someone is causing trouble for the other patrons, having the security feeds on hand with someone always watching during peak hours means that you can send someone out to take care of the problem before it becomes more of an issue.


Live Music

When live bands play bars, they want to know that their gear is safe within your business. They may be providing live music, by they’re also guests as well. You’re main goal for getting and keeping guests happy, is placing them in an environment where they feel safe while they enjoy their time. A band is going to be a lot happier knowing that they don’t have to worry about their gear getting stolen from you bar since there are security cameras watching everything. They may even be more inclined to by a drink as well.


So if you’re thinking about “bumping up security” at your bar, restaurant, or dance club, make sure you do it with a brand new security camera system.

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