Winston-Salem PD Buys 623 Body-Worn Cameras, Taser Shares Soar

Last week, the Winston-Salem police department ordered more than 600 body cameras from Taser which resulted in the companies share price going up by 6%. They ordered 623 AXON body-worn cameras, to be exact. Taser is a company that makes all kinds of safety gear, including body cameras. The Winston-Salem police department already ordered 293 in a previous order back in July, so they obviously have confidence in Taser and the AXON cameras.

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In case it’s not obvious, body-worn cameras are “the next big thing” in the aftermath of the huge protests in Ferguson, Missouri that broke after the shooting of Michael Brown by police officer Darren Wilson. Protests not only engulfed Ferguson and it’s surrounding communities, but dozens of cities across the entire nation, ¬†after a grand jury declined to indict Wilson last week.

As they say, “every cloud has a silver lining” and Taser’s shares have been skyrocketing ever since the incident. I’m sure politicians, police, and the citizenry alike, are seeing the potential benefit of the body-worn cameras. The perception of police brutality is becoming a huge problem in America. Not only that, but blaming police for things that they either didn’t do, or couldn’t help, is also becoming an even bigger problem. By employing the use of body cameras that have to be worn by officers at all times, this will put an end to all of that.

In the past month, Taser’s shares have went up more than 40%. This ¬†trend of police body-warn cameras could honestly be a huge, life changing, product for everyone in America. Body cameras have the potential to help keep police officers on their best behavior and help save the lives of police officers who are wrongfully accused. It is a winning situation for every single person in this country. Hopefully, more police departments follow.

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