People Could Be Watching You If Your Cameras Are Not Password Protected

If you haven’t been making the conscious effort to check your security cameras on a regular basis, chances are that someone else has taken it upon themselves to do it for you… in a bad way.

Your privacy could be at risk, and it’s not because of some new hack or malware that has come out. Many people are at risk just because they don’t change the settings when they connect their camera to the internet. This is the case for home security systems and corporate security systems. They all use a pretty generic IP address and unsafe websites from the start, and all you need to gain access is the username. And I hate to tell you, but the username is almost always “admin” until you change it yourself. It’s kind of like when you first buy a new router for your Wi-Fi connection.

There are actually a few websites that have lists of all of the open webcams all over the world. has a list of over 73,000 webcams across the world that are completely open for anyone to do with what they wish. The website doesn’t even include laptop webcams or any type of computer or USB webcam, it is literally just completely open security cameras. That should tell you right there how vulnerable you really could be. The idea behind the site is to remind you how important it is to change your settings and your password. It seems a little bit extreme that they would expose every single camera across the world, and it also seems like they are trying to do more harm than good. But, at the same time, people need to understand the cold hard truth about how serious it is.

There are also ways that you can do a simple Google search and find open webcams. Anyone can do it. If you have ever felt uneasy or that someone may be watching you, you could be right! If you haven’t checked out your security camera settings for a while then you should probably just check and make sure that everything is secure and password protected.

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