Security Cameras in your Neighborhood

Neighborhood Watch

It’s not uncommon to see security camera systems on city blocks and at traffic signals. We see them in homes and businesses as well. There’s one place you might not expect to see them, you’re very own neighborhood. No, I’m not talking about seeing them on certain houses. I’m talking about actually seeing them on your neighborhood streets and light posts. Does it give you the creeps that someone might be watching your every move in your neighborhood? Security cameras are definitely giving new meaning to the term, “neighborhood watch”, that’s for sure.

Are security cameras helping, or hurting neighborhoods. That depends on your point of view.

Why Do Neighborhoods install  security cameras?

Why do neighborhoods have security cameras installed? For safety and security. Having a sense of safety in a business is a very big deal for employees. Having that same sense of safety in the neighborhood is very important to its residents.

99  times out or 100  your neighborhood doesn’t need a security camera system. Neighborhoods are generally safe. For added security to property, family and visitors a security camera is a good choice. Fact is when security cameras are present, crime declines. Vandalism and theft are big concerns. Having these cameras in place helps give a sense of ease, safety, and comfort.

Privacy Concerns

This issue might be the biggest concern of all for the residents of the neighborhood. Residents want to feel protected without having their privacy invaded. Residents are not going to want to have cameras pointed directly into their homes. Cameras should only be placed on streets or neighborhood parks. Any place that could be considered public property could have a camera installed. If a camera is installed to view a particular part of a neighborhood, but ends up invading residential privacy the camera should be pointed away from the private property.

Keeping neighborhood areas under surveillance shouldn’t mean that privacy gets put at risk. Cameras are installed to keep people save by monitoring areas for vandalism and other types of criminal activity.  You want to feel safe in your own neighborhood, security cameras should be considered.

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