Your Phone, Or Other Mobile Device, Could Help Your Security Camera System More Than You’d Think

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Remember the days when you had to have someone constantly sitting behind a large wall of monitors to constantly keep an eye on everything that your security cameras are showing? It seems not that long ago to be honest. In such a short time, we’ve come so far ahead of where we were in terms of our security cameras and features. We have new ways of keeping ourselves safe and our valuables secure. We’ve finally entered into the mobile world of technology, and thus, our security measures have done so as well. No, this doesn’t that you can take your large room of monitors with you wherever you go, but you still have a monitor with you right now.

In fact, it’s probably in your pocket right as you’re reading this.

It’s Called Remote Viewing


Are you familiar with the term remote viewing? Some of you may be aware of this term, while others might be in the dark. The fact is that many of the security camera developers know that we are in the mobile technology age. We don’t have the time to just stay in one spot anymore. We are constantly moving and on the go. However, because of the fact that we are always moving now, it makes it easier for theft, vandalism, and other criminal activities to happen. This is where the security camera developers decided to step in and give us something to help us feel a bit more safe, and it’s called “Remote Viewing”. While this feature may not be new to some, it’s still very invaluable in keeping everyone at ease. With this feature, you can view your security camera’s feeds directly from any mobile device.

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Keep Your Security Feed Right In Your Pocket

Now, security truly is mobile. You can even view your feeds directly from you phone, or tablet. Just about every business man and woman have their phone on them at all times. The security of a business is just as important as the profit of a business. Whether you use your phone or a tablet, you can access your security camera’s feeds at any time… as long as there is an internet connection. If you have that and a powerful enough mobile device, you can see what your security camera sees no matter the time. We have the internet, and Digital Video Recorders to thank for that. The use of DVRs with security camera technology is what makes remote viewing possible.


Your DVR Is Important

The days of keeping all of your security camera footage on tape have gone away. Everything is digital now. All of your footage is now stored digitally on these servers. This allows access to the feeds from any device that can access the servers themselves. The DVR is essentially the gatekeeper to all of your footage. That means that your servers need to have enough storage space to keep all of the footage that you need. As long as your DVR is secure and you have proper internet access. The fact that these DVR will also be recording all of your footage means that you can go back to it at any time, even from your mobile devices.

dvrThe fact that we have come as far as we’ve come with our technology to allow features like this to exist really says something about how much more serious we are about our security measures. We want to make sure that our businesses are safe, and we want to ensure that our customers feel safe. No matter the camera that you’re using in your security camera system, whether it be a box camera or a bullet camera, make sure that you are taking full advantage of features like Remote Viewing.

Who knew that your phone could help you keep watch over your business!

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