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The air is starting to get cold, the leaves are changing colors, and everyone is rushing to get ready for the spookiest time of the year, Halloween. Halloween is meant for the fun of costumes, candy, and even Halloween parties, but some people like to like to hide in the extra cover of all the fun and excitement and attack us when we are vulnerable. We have listed a small list of safety precautions you can take to during Halloween.

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Most Halloween events take place late at night and end much later. To prevent someone from breaking in your home, or a young teenager egging your windows, you should keep on plenty of outdoor lights. Most criminals (big and small) don’t want to get caught, and lighting is the easiest way to get caught in the middle of the night.

Security Cameras

No one person can watch their security cameras all day. But being able to keep an eye on your home should be ideal. And in the possibility of you having a home break in, or vandalism, you would have video evidence of who came into your home.

Close Doors and Windows

No matter what neighborhood you live in, you should always lock your doors and windows at night. If you live in a two story home, your not going to see someone climb into your second story window because it causes too much attention, but all the first floor windows and doors are easy access points to your home. Don’t think that just because there is a screen window, that no one will try and climb in.

Closing Thoughts


Halloween is meant to be fun for everyone, but under all the excitement and parties, some people are hiding in plain site, looking to get their hands on what ever they can. Please take extra caution this Halloween to keep you and your family safe from those who may be hiding in plain site.

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