Security Camera Systems For Casinos Are Crucial Assets

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When you think of a security camera monitoring a facility, you can think of many different places. Some of the venues might be a bit too obvious for you to think of right off the bat though. Take casinos for example. These facilities are essentially banks that allow you to win whatever is in the safe. It should come as no surprise to anyone that when there is a lot of money in one place, that place becomes a high value target for theft and criminal activity. When you go to a casino, you could win a lot of money or lose it all. Both of those scenarios can also lead to criminal activity. This is exactly why security camera surveillance systems are a need for casinos.

There Are A Lot Of People In Here


Casinos are very large places that can hold a lot of people. They’re designed that way to increase revenue. That being said, since there are more people, that means there is more to monitor. There are plenty of “problems” that can occur within the walls of a casino. We’ve all seen the Ocean’s movies and the ever popular The Hangover movie. These movies all showcased ways to “get one over” on casinos. Everything from robbery to counting cards was addressed. Not every gambler plays fair, and there are only so many security guards that can monitor at one time. When you place a security camera system in the gaming rooms, you quickly cut down that number of shady gamblers. When a criminal knows he is being watched, he is MUCH less likely to commit a crime.

Don’t Get Violent! You’re On Camera

Think about what all is inside of a casino. Yes, you have the craps tables and the slot machines. Bright lights and appealing slot machine sounds might fill the air. You should also know that there is probably a very stocked bar in the casino as well. A scenario for you: There is a man who has not had the best luck tonight an has had one too many Jack and Coke’s put into his system. This man has now lost all he can lose and he isn’t exactly too peachy. He’s now getting violent. With the use of a surveillance system, you can quickly dispatch whatever guards and security you have at your disposal to diffuse the situation and escort the man out of the facility. You want to maintain happy atmosphere in your casino as to keep customers happy as well. Being violent doesn’t exactly make for a happy and safe looking environment, so make sure that everything and everyone is being properly monitored.

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Theft Can Happen Even In Casinos

You might not think that theft is a likely possibility in a casino, but you’d be wrong. No, you’re not going to be able to go in and open the vault and take the money. That being said, employees can help aid a cheating gambler. You want to make sure that you can trust your employees, that’s a fact, but even they can “steal” from a casino. An employee could be helping a “partner in crime” win more than they originally received, or even help them at a cards table by aiding in their method of cheating. Having the right surveillance equipment means that you’ll be able to properly monitor the gaming areas. Monitor the tables, each individual gambler, and even the dealers with crystal clear imaging quality. Make sure that the casino’s money is safe.

Casinos are meant to be a place where you feel lucky, not a place where you feel unsafe. As an owner, you need to make sure that all of your bases are covered for the security of your employees, gamblers, and of course the money. The only way to properly do that is with a state of the are surveillance system!

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