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It is starting to become that time of year where many people are starting to think about the holidays and thinking about gifts for loved ones. A lot of people love this time of year and can’t wait to spend time with loved ones and passing around presents to show their affection. With everything good about the holidays, there is also someone lurking to benefit from others. Many thieves and burglars are know what type of season it is, time of people ordering online and keeping packages unguarded on the front porch. Many of us can’t be home to sit for all our deliveries and leave our packages exposed, what can we do to prevent them from being stolen?

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Set A Pickup Destination

Many carriers have pickup destinations. UPS, FedEx, and USPS, who are the most popular carriers, all have pickup stations where your package will be guarded and checked out by a responsible employee. If your home or office is located close to one of these pickup stations, you can have convenience with your package’s protection.

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Ship To A Work Address

If you work in a type of office or other work enviroment that allows easy deliveries, you can have your package shipped directly to your office. You’ll be able to receive your package and not worry who could be picking it up or having to drive out of the way to pick it up from a pickup station.

Ship To A Loved Ones Home

Another option is to have it shipped to someone you trust who will be home to keep it for you. This person would become your pickup station but hopefully be more convenient then the carrier’s pickup station.

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Closing Thoughts

Think twice before you buy something on Amazon and have it automatically shipped to your home. It is the season for people to take advantage of others and their increase confidence.

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