Conventions And Large Scale Events Should Come Standard With Surveillance Equipment

Have you ever been to a convention, trade show, festival, concert, auction, or any kind of event and wondered about security? While many of the security measures rely on communication between the event staff and security team, that can only provide so much protection. On top of that, you’re limited by the amount of security staff that your budget permits.

With so many people concentrated in one centralized area, there need to be optimal security measures taken to ensure that everything goes accordingly. This is where the help of a security camera system comes into play.

Convention surveillance equipment

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Monitoring Large Crowds

Have you ever wondered why there are so many security cameras in stadiums, government facilities, airports, and other places of mass transit? It’s because large gatherings pose a number of challenges to both law enforcement agencies and private security teams alike. From managing small issues like foot traffic congestion to potential threats like fights or even terrorist attacks, security teams and event organizers can have their hands full if the proper security measures aren’t taken — often this means including surveillance cameras in their security procedures.

Furthermore, when you’re organizing an event with a lot of expensive assets lying around like a convention, trade show, or festival, theft is an increasing concern. After all, when you pack a large amount of people into a venue for a concert or convention event, there are a lot of potential threats to monitor. 

In a normal situation, vendors are manning their booths to ensure they can sell or advertise their products and services to as many people as possible. However, sometimes a vendor can be distracted by catering to a customer and is unable to properly keep an eye on their equipment. This is just one example of a situation where theft can easily take place.

Instead of relying on security guards and vendors to watch everyone at all times, why not have a surveillance system take care of the people that you can’t watch? Even the most highly-trained or well-staffed security force can miss things that someone watching a security feed could easily spot and make the rest of the security team aware of. After all, there can be thousands of people in one place for an event and that can be a large number of people to observe. But the benefits of video surveillance at events large and small don’t stop there.

Theft Prevention

First and foremost, having a visible security presence at your events immediately deters most would-be criminals from swiping any of your stuff. That means you’ll need properly placed security cameras, signage, and a well thought out security plan. After all, busy events can be an easy target for vehicular theft or personal property theft — especially if you’re serving alcoholic beverages.

Let your event hosts, sales representatives, vendors, and other event staff do what they do best — and leave the security to the professionals. If your vendors are busy the entire time watching over your company property to avoid tampering or theft, they will struggle to engage with your audience. With security cameras in place, theft is less common and much easier to track. If theft does take place, security and law enforcement will be able to track down the perpetrators by matching up the video with their registration badge or video to identify the thief and take action.

While the main purpose of security cameras is to deter and report crime, they also boost morale. Having a properly placed mobile surveillance system sends your attendees a positive message: you care about them and their safety. Putting your audience first can boost your reputation and help everyone to relax and enjoy themselves at your event. 

Gathering Evidence

While the mere sight of a security camera or identifying signage may be enough to deter many would-be criminals, it’s still important to actually capture every angle of your venue or event space in order to gather sufficient evidence. It’s imperative to have your surveillance system — mobile or otherwise — properly installed by a professional security team. Not only are some criminals not deterred by the threat of being caught on video, but incidents that don’t involve theft can also occur during your event — incidents in which you want to avoid any liability.

Is someone making a false claim about one of your employees? The proof is in the evidence. Modern security systems are equipped with high-quality video capabilities, giving you crystal clear evidence of anything that took place while they are recording.

Did someone slip and injure themselves? In order to determine who is at fault, law enforcement may want to look at your security footage to determine liability.

Is someone vandalizing company or venue property? This is especially important to keep an eye on if you’re renting your event venue, but applies to all situations in regards to avoiding liability. Even if someone attempts to steal or vandalize one of your mobile security cameras, you’ll still have video of the incident since it’s all automatically recorded on your NVR — but remember: camera placement is key.

If you’re dealing with incorrect, insufficient, or fabricated claims made by customers, your own employees, venue staff, or anyone else, video security can be your biggest and most adequate ally.

Remote Viewing

Remote viewing security cameras


One of the integral parts of a mobile security system is the inclusion of a Network Video Recorder, usually abbreviated as NVR. An NVR not only stores your footage in order to playback at a later time, but it also allows you to broadcast your footage over the internet — giving you the capability to view footage at any time from an approved device. An approved device can be a mobile phone, tablet, laptop, or any other device that can connect to your NVR’s remote viewing application with the proper login credentials (username and password), which are selected by you.

While playing back footage is great for gathering evidence, having a live bird’s eye view of your event can have limitless advantages.

Are your employees performing the tasks that they are supposed to be doing? You’ll be able to check in on them at any moment without having to physically walk by. While this is a good management trick in order to make sure your staff is on task, it’s important to let your employees know they are going to be recorded or monitored.

Is foot traffic getting congested in certain areas? It’s easier to tell via security cameras as they are usually placed up high. Now you can alert your staff of the issue and divert the traffic before the situation gets worse.

Does it look like an incident is escalating? Send your security team to step in before anyone gets hurt.

Productivity management, crowd control, and added security are just a few examples of the benefits of remote viewing your mobile surveillance system.

Ease of Use

Since you probably won’t be physically mounting security cameras at a location that isn’t owned by the company hosting the event, you’ll want to rent or buy a mobile surveillance system, like Camera Security Now’s W.A.S.P. Boxes. (Wireless All-in-one Security Package)

With a wireless all-in-one security package, you’ll have the option to add any type of camera you want to your custom mobile surveillance system. On top of that, these cameras come preconfigured to the specifications that you will discuss with a qualified security technician.

When you receive your WASP Box, you’ll get the cameras, wireless access point, and all of the components in a functional box. These security cameras will use the included wireless access point to communicate with an NVR which is located somewhere secure elsewhere on the premises. Once you’ve discussed security concerns with a surveillance tech, he will help you place them in the best possible location for capturing the most potential area with the most efficient amount of cameras in order to keep your bottom line as low as possible without compromising the safety and security of event-goers.

If you have any problems with your security system before, during, or after your event, you should always be given a point of contact from your security supplier.

How to avoid privacy concerns

While some people will argue that you cannot record them without their consent, this only applies to places with a reasonable expectation of privacy when you’re in a public setting like a convention, trade show, festival, or other type of event. Although it may go without saying, you can’t record anyone in restrooms, shower areas, hotel rooms, bedrooms, locker rooms, or changing rooms. That doesn’t mean the surrounding areas don’t need to be monitored by security, it just means you can’t physically record someone when there is a reasonable expectation of privacy.

You should also avoid recording anywhere that isn’t deemed venue property to avoid violating any United States laws regarding video surveillance. Placing security cameras in the right place and avoiding placing them in the wrong spots can be tricky, which is why it is always recommended to have a professional security company help decide your security camera placement and deployment.

It’s important not to be deterred from renting or buying security cameras for your event because you’re afraid that some people may not approve. In a public setting, there is no reason why you shouldn’t take proper security measures to ensure the safety and well-being of your staff, attendees, and assets. Considering there is no more efficient way of ensuring safety, monitoring employees, maintaining records, and deterring theft, security cameras should be an integral part of your security plan.

Selecting the right security company

While some security companies may just sell you the equipment, or even set it up for you, and then leave you in the dark during troubleshooting, when an incident occurs, or other potential problems come into play — the good security companies will help you every step of the way.

While setting up most IP cameras can be relatively easy, it’s important to have everything done properly. From proper placement to the correct settings configuration, to troubleshooting, sometimes it’s best to leave it to the professionals that know all of the ins and outs of surveillance setup and management.

Wireless All-in-one Security Packages from Camera Security Now

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