The Types Of Burglars

Types of Burglars

They say to know your enemy to help protect yourself. So who are your enemies for your home? Most would say, burglars but what kind of burglars? There are multiple types of burglars and each has their own habits.

The Simple Burglar

This burglar searches for easy targets as for those who have open windows and unlocked doors. They are typically petty thieves who look for quick “big buck” items to sell for quick cash.

The Scouter

This thief scouts around quite neighborhoods for open doors or windows but will break in and grab anything that will fit in their pockets. A scouter is know to be careless and break windows, doors, and furniture to find what they want.

The Prowler

This thief is the smarter version of the Scouter. The prowler will sneak around neighborhoods to find open doors and windows but will only grab valuable things they can sell at a high price. The prowler is more careful in the way they move throughout your home.

The Expert

The expert is the burglar we associate with movies, hanging from wires to steal a diamond as large as a basketball from someones home. These thieves are very crafty and selective with their targets, usually targeting large and expensive items from large estates.

Closing Thoughts

The best way to prevent any of these burglars to break into your home is to be prepared. Lock all doors and windows before you leave, install a security system to alarm neighbors and authorities, and install a surveillance system so they know you are watching at all times and have evidence against them. All these steps can help prevent a burglar target your home as its next victim.

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