New Home Security Tips

New Home Security 

Are you moving into a new home? Have you thought about your new home’s security and how safe you and your valuables can be? Unless you are moving across the street, you don’t know much about the neighborhood and how safe you can be. The most vulnerable moments are when you are moving in and still staying at your old home till everything is moved in. We all get a bit nervous about leaving our stuff behind and fear someone may come and take our valuables. Here we will list a few new home security tips to help protect you in your new home.

Trim Bushes And Shrubs

If your new home has bushes or shrubs that cover windows, you may want to trim them down to prevent hiding spots for potential burglars. Burglars can use bushes and scrubs to help hide while breaking in your windows late at night or even in the day.

Change The Locks

Depending on who you are buying from, you don’t know who has a key to your house. If your house was originally rented out, you could quite a few people who have keys to your new home. If a couple of roommates had keys to the house, then their close friends or relatives has a key just in case they were locked out. Even the owner may have keys he/she is unaware of. The best way to prevent someone “testing” their keys, is to simply replace the locks.

Watch For Traffic

Keep an eye out for foot traffic in your new neighborhood. The amount of people you have walking up and down your street can deter or invite new intruders. If you live on a street that has people walking up and down, all hours of the night, you may want to keep the doors and windows locked any time you step out of the house. This doesn’t mean zero pedestrians is a good thing either. If no one ever walks around your home, it must mean the street is empty and no one is home in the neighborhood and makes it easy to break in without getting caught.

Closing Thoughts

A new home is very exciting and can be a lot of fun moving in, but security details should be on the list of things to take care of on move in day.

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