Simple Home Security Tips

Every home is vulnerable to an invasion at some point or another. Maybe you feel a surveillance system would be more than you really need, how can you still keep your home protected from intruders? We will list a couple of security tips to help give you peace at mind and deter home invaders.

Always Lock Up

You should always lock up the house before you leave. Home invaders have a nasty habit of watching your home and learning your life style and know how long they have while you are gone. Locking all the doors and windows makes it harder for the home invader and make them spend more time trying to get inside.

Keep The House Looking Occupied

When ever you leave your home, try to make it look as if someone is home. turn the TV on, leave a light on a room that faces the street, or even car pool. Yes, even car pooling to work is a security tip. It allows you to leave your car at home in the drive way, giving the impression you are still home.


Hide The Spare Key

Everyone needs a spare key in case we leave our key in the house or locked in our cars but simply hiding it under the door mat doesn’t cut it any more. We recommend hiding the key where only you know where it is at. One suggestion is to bury a plastic container in your flower bed or yard, where you can remember where it is at. Put the key inside and seal the lid. Cover the container with enough material that it is hidden but not hard to reach later.

Closing Thoughts

The best way to prevent a home invader, just make it hard to get inside. The more time a home invader has to spend outside your home, the bigger chance they become vulnerable of being caught by your neighbors or simply someone driving by. For more home security ideas, specific to your home, just put yourself in the burglars shoes and find week points in your own security.

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