Social Media & Home Security

178089842Protecting your family, home, and yourself is usually the most important item on our lists. How can we make sure we are not leaking any harmful information? Most of us know not to pass out our credit card and and bank account numbers but what if the simplest information we post on social media sites, was causing a security risk?

Social Media Security

A lot of people and companies use social media sites, and it just keeps growing with each generation. Burglars and intruders are starting to use social media to get a peak into our homes and lifestyles to find the perfect moment to break into our homes and lives. These types of intruders follow and friend us on these sites and watch for important posts where they can learn your lifestyle, habits, and invade our homes and lives.

Most social invaders are looking for posts of when you are leaving for vacation or that your upset because you have to work a whole other shift at work. These sort of posts can expose you to a home security threat because they will know that no one is home to stop them. Your posts online don’t have to be as blunt and open as those listed before, you can have a series of photos of every Friday of you going out with friends. If those there is enough of a trend, the social intruders know the best time to strike.


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Preventing Social Intrusion

How can you protect your family, home, and self and still be social online? We are going to provide a list of precautions to help prevent social intruders from making you a candidate for a home invasion.

  • Prevent posting any information that shows when you’ll be leaving or arriving home
  • Don’t post your pictures until the next day or when you arrived home
  • Don’t accept friend requests and follows by people or companies you don’t know
  • Turn all your information to private

Closing Thoughts

Your privacy may not be so private online. We may all think it is harmless to post anything we want social media sites for the entertainment of socializing with friends and family, but there are serious risks. Being smart about what you post can set you apart from those who expose themselves and allow you to prevent being a victim of a social intruder. Taking those few extra seconds to think about what is posted online and when you post it can save you from a disaster.

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