Cruise Ships Are A Great Vacation Spot, As Well As A Great Surveillance Spot!

177442403Isn’t time that you took a vacation? There are plenty of different getaway spots out there. You have the typical Cancun, Panama City, and anywhere in Florida type vacations, but what about something a bit more luxurious. What about a cruise ship? These gigantic floating cities are exactly that; floating cities. Expect ticket prices for these types of vacations to be a bit expensive as they are considered to be so “fancy”. These vacation spots can be a bit dangerous though. No, I’m not talking about the “lookout! an iceberg!” type of dangerous. I mean, these are big ships and need to be monitored accordingly. There are many areas to cover and a lot to look out for, so what can you use aside from standard security guards?

The answer is simple; A security camera system.

It’s A Big Ship

If you’ve ever seen a cruise ship, then you know one thing; they are HUGE. There are plenty of areas and small spaces on the cruise ships that could easily have bad things happen. Since this is the case, it’s best to have as many areas monitored as possible. Unfortunately, there are only so many security guards that can be in so many places at the same time. The best way to take care of the unmonitored zones is through the use of security cameras. There are literally, so many rooms that need to be monitored constantly. Places like the casinos, the gyms, the pool deck, and more need to have a constant stream of surveillance back to security. This way, should something detrimental happen, security personnel can respond accordingly.


When you install a security camera system, your goal is to make your customers and personnel feel more secure. The cruise ship company is liable for all of the passengers on the ship. Whether they be passengers or workers, the company is still responsible for those people. When a security camera system is in place, you are cutting down on the crime rate. End of story. No matter if it be a cruise ship, a factory, a farm or whatever. A surveillance system is going to cut down on the crime rate by quite a bit. Vandals will be much less likely to commit a crime if they know that they’re being monitored. The cruise ship could be liable for accidents and missing person on the ship as well. By having the security footage monitored and recorded, there will be visual evidence showing that the ship is liable or not. Has Security Cameras And Installers Nationwide Contact Us Today At 800-736-8772


Camera security systems are very beneficial, but they’re not fool proof. They can be tampered with if not set up properly or placed in secure locations. Vandals can easily mess with, or even break cameras. Then there is the matter of privacy on the ship. It’s completely reasonable to place the security cameras in places such as the main deck, restaurants, and casinos. Placing them inside the cabins or the bathrooms however would be an invasion of the passengers privacy. Also, if the cameras are wireless an power gets interrupted some how, then the camera feeds could become corrupted.

Everyone wants to take a vacation and feel like everything is okay while they’re enjoying themselves. A cruise ship is a big place where are lot of fun can be had, but at the same time have things go wrong. When you’re out on the water, it’s a bit more difficult to get police out to the middle of the ocean. Keep everyone feeling safe on your next cruise ship vacation and keep the crime under control by installing a security camera system today.

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