The Wireless Bullet Camera Could Add More Than You Think To Your Camera Security System

452503979No matter where your place of business may be, we can all agree that keeping it secure is a big deal. We want our products, customers, and employees to be and feel secure. When a security camera system is in place, it can help in more ways than one. Whether it’s at the gym, on the farm, or even in the office, a surveillance system can help deter thieves and vandals alike. Having different types of cameras and components to your surveillance system can do nothing but help make everything more secure. Having everything you need to be properly monitored is a big deal, so why be held down by wires? Have you considered a wireless bullet camera?

Go Wireless

Keeping wired cameras in your surveillance system is always a good idea. Never go without them. That being said, since they are wired, there are limits to where they can be placed; not to mention that if you want to place them in a particularly hard to reach spot, you’re going to have to feed the wires through the walls, which can get very expensive. Hiding the wires so that vandals can’t tamper with them can be expensive but necessary at times. With the wireless bullet camera, you don’t have to worry about the length of the wire. You only need to worry about the strength of your internet connection. Since you’re dealing with a bullet camera, you’re also dealing with a camera that is suited to go into those hard to reach places comfortably which is perfect for hiding the cameras in plain sight and keeping them out of the reach of vandals.

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That Internet Connection Upgrade Will Be Worth It

While these cameras are wireless and can be placed virtually anywhere, they still need to have a proper connection in order to function properly. For example, should you be placing a new surveillance system in a marina, then you’re going to want to utilize wireless bullet cameras. The internet connection out at the marina needs to be good though. Since these are wireless cameras, the video feed isn’t directly plugged into the monitoring system. The feed is being wirelessly transmitted to the DVR, which means that the internet connection is the lifeblood to ensuring that the feed is properly recorded and saved to the DVR. If something were to happen to the connection, then the cameras could be rendered ineffective.

More Than Just A Regular Bullet Camera

Almost all bullet cameras are made with IR lights built into them. This includes the wireless bullet cameras. They can also be IR, not to mention the fact that they can have their feeds accessed remotely because of the wirelessly transmitted feeds. These cameras have to be set up via an internet connection in order to have their feeds stored. Because of this, these feeds can be viewed live remotely as well. As long as there is a proper internet connection, then these cameras can be viewed remotely, which is perfect if you’re not at your place of business.

Any camera, no matter the type, is going to be essential in a practical surveillance system. If you expand your camera types out to include wireless bullet cameras, you’re ensuring that you are properly monitoring every area that needs to be monitored. You need to make sure that you see everything that you need to, and a wireless bullet camera will definitely help with that.

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